Humanitarian saving refugees from death in Iraq, Syria, receives graphic photos of mass beheadings of Christians in Middle East

‘These are the people we haven’t been able to save’ – Yank Barry, co-founder Global Village Champions Foundation Graphic photos were delivered to Yank Barry via third party, but Barry believes they are authentic Barry believes he was sent the photos because of the work he’s doing saving refugees from slaughter
(PR NewsChannel) / October 2, 2014 / SOFIA, Bulgaria 

Humanitarian Yank Barry received photos of beheadings in Iraq and Iran sent anonymously.

Humanitarian Yank Barry received photos of beheadings in Iraq and Syria, along with other disturbing images, sent anonymously.

In a dramatic and desperate effort to call attention to the mass beheadings in Iraq and Syria, a Canadian born humanitarian and philanthropist who’s garnered world headlines for saving refugees from death, is sharing graphic photos of beheadings delivered to him anonymously with the hope that doing so will expose the Western world to the scope of the atrocities taking place in the region.

“These are people that we haven’t been able to save,” says Yank Barry, the philanthropist who co-founded Global Village Champions Foundation. “Yes, this is hard to see. This is so difficult for most of us to process. But the truth is Christians are getting beheaded simply because they are Christians and the world needs to be aware that it is happening.”

The pictures were delivered to Barry via third party. But Barry says he has no doubt that they are authentic. He believes he was sent the photos because of the work he’s doing saving refugees from slaughter.

Often called the “Jewish Schindler,” Barry has saved 1,900 refugees who escaped Iraq, Iran and Syria. Oskar Schindler was a German industrialist who bought the freedom and saving the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

Barry is housing refugees in four star hotels in Bulgaria and helping them immigrate to any country they want to eventually live.

Christians in Iraq and Syria live with the reality of beheadings on a daily basis. Yet the Western world is largely unaware of the mass beheadings, and has only heard about the beheadings involving hostages at the hands of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL.

“For many months now I had heard the horror stories straight from the families we saved,” Barry says. “These pictures validate and offer proof. Once I received them, I knew I had a responsibility to step up and do everything I could to bring attention to these atrocities.”

“The Holocaust happened once. We cannot allow another holocaust.”

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Beheading 1
Beheading 2
Beheading 3
Beheading 4
Beheading 5
Beheading 6
Beheading 7
Terror 1

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