MEDIA ALERT: Statement from Blagojevich attorney, Len Goodman, on President Trump’s “commutation” comments

(PR NewsChannel) / May 31, 2018 / CHICAGO 

This morning, President Donald Trump raised the possibility of commuting former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s remaining sentence.

The following statement is from Len Goodman, the former governor’s attorney:

“Obviously, we are hopeful that Pres. Trump will do something for Blagojevich. He has the power to correct this injustice. Blagojevich did not ever improperly enrich himself in office. He did not take gifts or loans from supporters. He followed the rules for campaign fundraising set out by the Supreme Court. He did not take a penny from his campaign fund for his personal benefit. Blagojevich’s priorities as governor benefitted ordinary Illinoisans and not special interests. He pushed through the All Kids insurance program which greatly expanded health care for children in Illinois, and another program that gave free rides on public transport to senior citizens. Yet he was prosecuted anyway by a federal government that had determined to target Blagojevich for removal from office early on during his first term as governor. Federal prosecutors used a cooperating informant to get a wiretap to record all of his conversations, then played selected excerpts at his trial to make him sound corrupt. They rewrote the law and told the jury to convict based on the governor’s “belief” that there was a connection between political contributions and official acts. When that didn’t work and the first jury failed to convict, the prosecutors again rewrote the jury instructions, telling the second jury to reject the governor’s defense if he attempted any political deals in office, virtually assuring that he would be convicted. I am grateful that Pres. Trump understands the unfairness. It’s time for Rod Blagojevich to come home to his wife and daughters.”

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