How Do We Do It?

PRNC_How We Do It_195x110We believe in building relationships.

So our work begins with getting to know YOU.

What are you looking to achieve by using a press release distribution service? Who is your target audience? What makes your press release newsworthy?

These are just a few questions we love to hear answered from the source.

Getting to know you and creating a relationship is a strategy most companies overlook or don’t bother with. The majority of newswire go for the quick one-time sale. We’re going for the long-term relationship–which is why our clients come back time and time again.

Ask yourself this: Should you trust a press release distributor to go to bat and hit your news out of the park if they barely know what you/your company represent?

Once we learn about you and/or your business, we are ready to formulate a strategic plan that is PRoven, PRoficient and PRiced-right.

From there your newsworthy information is distributed to the journalists, editors, publishers and other top decision makers in the media that are located in your targeted area. To generate even more buzz around your press release, we publish it online at and syndicate it to over 100 of our media partners including Google and Yahoo!

Need the proof? We offer a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH report that will link you to your press release syndicated on websites across the U.S. and the world!

The Bottom Line:

For many companies, press release distribution is an effective yet not fully leveraged opportunity. That’s why we stay with you through the whole process. Sounds hokey and a bit old fashioned. But we like it that way.

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