Black Madonna Icon Miracle Jolts Author’s Decade Court Battle v. Bank of America

16th Century Virgin Mary worked foreclosure miracle, TJ Fisher says
(PR NewsChannel) / February 21, 2018 / WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. 

TJ Fisher, West Palm Beach

The Black Madonna v. Bank of America? What are the odds? A mysterious jewel-laden 16th Century Black Madonna Icon once owned by Russia’s Czar Nicholas II and now enshrined at St. Mary Catholic Church in Pahokee, Florida is alleged to have worked yet another miracle. The highly improbable and extraordinary surprise sale of Author TJ Fisher’s 10-years-in-foreclosure ocean-block home for $4.5 million stopped the foreclosure flat, upending litigation.

Fisher has released to the public a telling personal-testimony video Black Madonna Foreclosure Miracle, Palm Beach, FL.

Beyond the purported divine intercession lies a harrowing tale of bitter feuds and rivalries, livelier than a Shakespearean saga of “double, double toil and trouble” in its breadth and drama, with colorful larger-than-life characters.

Fisher still has her ongoing $70 million lawsuit directed at America’s most hated bank, Bank of America, the financial institution that triggered her hell-broth foreclosure in the first place.

Fisher’s high-stakes morass of multiple entwined principal and secondary court cases has for years hopscotched between different courtrooms. The bank’s dual foreclosure actions v. her, and her competing underlying case v. Bank of America vied to be heard first. Legal proceedings have played out in the Sunshine State’s 15th Judicial Circuit, with documents spread wide before dozens of state and appellate judges.

Those who know Fisher note, she’s a fighter. She does not go down easily nor quietly. Conflicting court documents alternatively label Fisher a heroine, and a baddie. Regardless, most agree, she’s an unconventional piece of work, by all accounts.

Earlier in the timeline of Fisher and Goliath Bank of America’s legal wranglings, the bank’s long laundry list of wrongdoings and irregularities caused Fisher to be sued in 2007 for $60 million and receive a ruinous $33.3 million default judgment levied against her. She lost everything and fell into foreclosure. One of the nation’s foremost expert witnesses in litigation involving Big Banks has documented Bank of America’s long winding path of offenses and misconduct.

Fisher brought her key lawsuit against the Mega-Giant Bank in 2011 and fought to save her BOA-mortgaged Florida homestead from foreclosure—while the bank sought to toss her from her 20-year home. Power-behind-the-throne Bank of America bedeviled Fisher’s legal actions by flipping contradictory Mortgage Assignments and the Note back and forth to mortgage securitization food chain partner U.S. Bank National Association Trustee, a closed Trust. The banking document trail of a shell-game strategy and charade continued.

Fisher spent years in contentious tooth-and-nail litigation to free her home from the juggernaut of foreclosures but was ultimately unsuccessful. The crucial “winner-take-all” jury trial in her core case against Bank of America did not get to trial in a well-timed manner, in the rival timetable of clashing lawsuits.

Fisher and her ex-contingency lawyer terminated their attorney-client relationship. The split affected Fisher’s court cases, as the court docket reflects. The warring and at-odds twosome turned profoundly adversarial. The zigzag course of events left Fighter battling pro se in several cases, at once, a Herculean feat. Fisher struggled to represent herself in foreclosure court.

A friend told her of the miraculous Black Madonna.

Black Madonna, St. Mary Catholic Church, Pahokee, FL

Unexplained happenings followed the Icon’s arrival to the original little wooden St. Mary Church, as the media has reported. Donations to the Church poured in. Parish Priest Father John Mericantante raised $3,500,000 to build a new 9,000-square-foot Spanish mission-style sanctuary and to fund other programs. Pahokee is a poor farming community of predominantly devout and faithful migrant workers.

The Church’s Parishioners and visitors on pilgrimages to the Madonna also experienced numerous miracles and healings. Women become pregnant and illnesses were cured. Although Mary has long been the to-go Saint for the troubled and Marian devotion is popular, Black Madonna Icons around the world are particularly associated with phenomenon.

Fisher went to see the Black Madonna. The painting hung silent in all her full glory, wrapped in a cloak of mysticism. Then a miracle ensued.

Fisher’s once glamorous gated compound precipitously found a full-price buyer and sold, directly after the improbable Mary encounter. The property, which had fallen into decline, was snapped up at a time when years of preceding scorched-earth litigation had left Fisher knocked down and broke, but not broken. Fisher had remained eternally hopeful of a good outcome to her insurmountable and unsustainable situation. Many in her situation would have gone to dust. In an Island town of great wealth, a place where Fisher was once one of the wealthy elite, she was left hoofing it, without even a bike for transportation.

Fisher vows the saving grace in her jarring litigation and foreclosure proceedings was nothing less than an unlikely chance encounter with this sacred Mary and Baby Jesus. Fisher’s Palm Beach home suddenly sold shortly after she gazed upon the Mary. Who can argue? The full-price sale of the off-market property was rapid and unexpected, occurring shortly before the commencement of a scheduled foreclosure trial.

Although Fisher’s foreclosure hell drama and looming foreclosure trial ended, again, she is not the first to attest to Mary’s miracles. It’s the focus of wonders.

The spirited and daring author’s video account of her foreclosure tale indeed pays homage to the ancient miracle-working Blessed Mother with Infant Icon that she came upon. A fascinating journey, in any book.

Many believe there’s no such thing as chance or coincidence, only Divine Providence. Fisher disagrees. She says she’s living proof.

In sharp contrast to the suspicious critics and disbelievers of “miracles,” Fisher, who is not even Catholic and who had never heard of the Black Madonna, embraces the idea. It is perhaps something in her DNA. The onetime-pink-’59-Cadillac-convertible-driving Fisher is noted for her spunk and smile, faith and fighting spirit, and her resiliency in the face of awfulness, against all odds.

Fisher shrugs off disbelieving naysayers who might doubt her own Marian painting “Miracle of the Madonna.” She says that those who know ever surface details of her long and nightmarish and yet inspirational reversal-of-fortune litigation story immediately believe the miracle.

Speaking of her protracted bank litigation and interwoven foreclosure proceedings, Fisher said in 2015, “It’s a Gordian Knot that only the hand of God can undo.” Her prediction proved to be true.

If Fisher had been successfully foreclosed on, her separate lawsuit against Bank of America would have ended. She would have not been able to maintain the action. Instead, Fisher’s miracle caused her highly contested mortgage liens to be force-paid in full and she has a roof over her head. This gave Fisher a new lease on life and the ability to fight on.

Fisher’s long-running 2011 focal-point lawsuit against Bank of America is alive and active.

A judge in 2014 granted Plaintiff Fisher’s case v. Defendant Bank of America the hard-won right to jury trial, a big win in itself. Most Big Bank lawsuits rarely get a jury trial, with a panel of jurors as fact-finders. Banking-related litigation most often goes to arbitration or a bench trial.

Now Fisher must get her major case to jury trial.

Similar to the AT&T-Time Warner litigation currently moving through federal court, Fisher is fearless and unafraid of unprecedented tactics, in order to get the marrow and heart of the matter, according to legal experts.

She is willing to take the fight directly to her primary antagonistas as part of an aggressive strategy to discredit Bank of America in her lawsuit. In the continued court discovery process, Fisher expects to uncover additional evidence and proof of the bank’s transgressions, secret agendas and liaisons. She looks forward to the calling of witnesses to courtroom testimony, for accountability for the banking laws/regulations and protocol Bank of America flouted. All of which set the melodramatic collapse of Fisher’s dominoes into motion. She’s really sure it will turn out in her favor. Deposition testimony and expert banking witness reports support her position.

Fisher carries on the courtroom pursuit to hold the bank accountable for extreme state and federal banking violations — and the great devastation and losses caused to her.

In a separate but related action judge-only bench trial against Bank of America, where Bank of America must pay her entitlement to attorney fees for one dismissed 2009 foreclosure action, she finally stepped into the witness box on February 9, 2018. “It felt great,” she says, “to finally speak into the mic.”

She looks forward to the day when her main case against Bank of America may finally seat a jury.

The Black Madonna Icon is located at St. Mary Catholic Church
1200 East Main Street, Pahokee, FL 33476, US
(561) 924-7305

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