D.C. lawyer Jack Burkman offers free legal representation to unknown actresses, talent alleging sexual harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein

GOP lobbyist/lawyer Jack Burkman wonders about victims who aren’t famous, perhaps because of how they responded to Weinstein’s unwanted advances. Burkman often represents underdogs or the underserved Burkman is best known for his massive campaign to find killer of DNC staffer Seth Rich
(PR NewsChannel) / October 9, 2017 / WASHINGTON D.C. and LOS ANGELES, CA 

Jack Burkman, the DC-based lawyer and lobbyist known for taking on activist causes, today offered to represent unknown actresses and other talent in their claims against prolific movie mogul Harvey Weinstein amid his sexual harassment scandal.

Though the public has already heard the names of Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, Burkman wonders about those who aren’t famous, perhaps because of how they responded to Weinstein’s unwanted advances.

“It seems likely there are struggling actresses, producers and other talent who may have rebuffed Mr. Weinstein and they deserve to be heard,” says Burkman. “These women may feel like if they don’t have money, they don’t have a voice. But I want them to know that’s not the case.”

Yesterday, The Weinstein Company fired Weinstein following the New York Times publishing a report alleging that at least eight women, including actress Ashley Judd, accusing Weinstein of making unwanted sexual advances. In eight cases, Weinstein quietly settled complaints out of court.

Burkman, who recently has been leading a very public campaign to solve the unexplained murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, says it’s important that women who were on the receiving end of Weinstein’s sexual advances, or who were retaliated against if they declined, see justice.

“I want women out there to know that my firm will assist them in gaining justice,” says Burkman. “I am not a feminist attorney. But I do know what’s right. I look forward to helping these women wherever they are in America, or elsewhere.”

Feminist attorney Lisa Bloom, who heretofore has gained a reputation representing women alleging sexual harassment, for a short time represented Weinstein until she resigned over the weekend.

“We will step in where Lisa obviously can’t,” says Burkman.

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