Florida homeowners will soon be struggling to make Hurricane Irma damage insurance claims. Bulldog Adjusters has created a way for homeowners to start claims early so that they receive settlements faster

An estimated $25 billion dollars worth of property damage is what Florida homeowners are facing after Hurricane Irma. With the influx of new claims, settlements won’t come quickly.
(PR NewsChannel) / September 9, 2017 / HOLLYWOOD, Fla. 

Florida homeowners are struggling to receive enough money in insurance settlements to repair the damage wrought by Hurricane Irma.

“We have created a way for homeowners to start their claims early,” says Vince Lefton, co-founder of Bulldog Adjusters, “All homeowners need to do, is fill out a simple starter form from their smart phones. Just go to www.bulldogadjusters.com/irma.”

“We feel that homeowners may not get settlements fast enough after Hurricane Irma, so we’re starting on claims early in order to make sure that they get enough cash to make repairs-and fast,” his business partner, Aaron Singer, adds.

Insurance companies in Florida aren’t used to the expertise that Bulldog Adjusters has when it comes to hurricane claims and wind damage claims. Bulldog Adjusters was founded after Hurricane Ivan destroyed hundreds of neighborhoods, causing many homeowners to pay for much of the damage out of pocket.

Bulldog Adjusters’ founders, Aaron Singer and Vince Lefton, decided to do something about that. They created a public adjusting company that offered free inspections to homeowners. They then filed insurance claims for Florida homeowners and kept homeowners informed throughout the whole process. And what was the result?

Consistently, Aaron and Vince have been able to get 700% more money for homeowners in order to make fast repairs. They specialize in speedy settlements and have achieved that by expanding their business to all of Florida and hiring trained and experienced public adjusters.

Bulldog Adjusters has real experience when it comes to hurricane damage and representing homeowners in to home insurance companies.

Now, Aaron and Vince of Bulldog Adjusters have created a way for homeowners to start early on home insurance claims before Hurricane Irma fully impacts the Sunshine State. Just go to www.bulldogadjusters.com/irma to fill out the simple starter form.

1. First, go to www.bulldogadjusters.com, right from your smart phone.

2. Next, click “Start My Claim.”

3. Now, simple fill out the form, right from your phone!

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SOURCE:  Bulldog Adjusters

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