New online petition urges financial backers of terrorism to pay for rebuilding of countries, Christian communities destroyed by genocide

(PR NewsChannel) / January 23, 2017 / CHICAGO petition urges that those who funded terrorism be responsible for paying for the rebuilding process. petition urges that those who funded terrorism be responsible for paying for the rebuilding process.

A new petition urges support for holding those who finance terror accountable and responsible for rebuilding countries and communities that were destroyed by terrorism.

The petition titled “Hold Terror Financiers Responsible for Funding Terrorism,” says as reconstruction soon begins in Syria and for the thousands of Christian families who were destroyed by genocide or displaced by ISIS and other terror groups, the banks, countries and any private entities that are proven to have been aiding and abetting the terror groups should pay for making victims whole again.

“It should be paid for by those who caused the destruction and those who perpetuated or funded the genocides,” the petition urges. “Doing it this way is not just a great concept, but a proven methodology.”

The petition was created by Tom Creal, a forensic accountant who has dedicated his life to eliminating black money; and Michael Franzese, the son of a notorious New York mob underboss who made more money for organized crime than anyone except for Al Capone before finding God and turning his life around. The duo, once on opposite sides of the law, have formed a new alliance to fight businesses and countries that are funding terror. They will use money they collect to help terror victims.

With Los Angeles-based Arsenal Pictures, the two are developing a movie and a documentary about black money that will shine a big spotlight on the movement of monies that support terrorist networks.

Franzese and Creal are also setting up a team of experts to go on the offense, building cases and filing civil actions around the world against all those that touched any part of the illicit chain of commerce that has funded the Christian genocide.

“We are also setting a model in place that will take the black money away from the aiders and abettors and use such monies to rebuild the communities, churches and lives of those destroyed,” says Creal.

Adds Franzese: “Our mission is to stop the Christian genocide, attack the unjust enrichment of the wartime entrepreneurs and to help rebuild the lives of Christians all around the world.”

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