To find solutions to Chicago gang violence, famed former mobster turned motivational speaker Michael Franzese to meet with Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, reformed gang leader Gator Bradley

This is a return visit to Chicago for Franzese, who recently spoke to and connected with inmates at Cook County jail after sharing his story of walking away from the mob, embracing God and turning his life around
(PR NewsChannel) / February 9, 2017 / CHICAGO 

To tackle and try to curb gang violence, Michael Franzese will visit Chicago next month.

For those infatuated by the mob, you probably know about Michael Franzese, the former captain in the Colombo family responsible for the infamous gasoline bootlegging racket in New York who made more money for organized crime than anyone since Al Capone.

He’s written books, produced movies and there are more films and documentaries that feature his story than anyone can even count.

He’s a motivational speaker who found God after walking away from the mob, and now Franzese is focused on a new calling: to help Chicago find a way to curb the street violence. And to that end, Franzese will meet with Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and reformed gang leader Gator Bradley to assess the rising crime and murder rate in Chicago with a goal of finding a solution to curb the out-of-control violence.

“I have a unique ability to connect with gang members,” says Franzese. “I understand everything these men are going through. I was a made member of the biggest gang in the world. Fortunately, I found my way out and have been blessed with a new life. I encourage the guys to do the same and show them how they can.

“This is not a photo opp. This is about wanting to make a real difference.”

On March 9, Franzese will meet separately with Boykin and Bradley in closed-door meetings to get an honest assessment of the situation and begin the process of creating and implementing a plan to curb the violence in Chicago, which is higher than any city in America.

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin served as Chief of Staff to United States Representative Danny K. Davis of Chicago. Prior to serving as Rep. Davis’ Chief of Staff, he served as his Legislative Director. Boykin has also served as a Congressional Black Caucus fellow for former United States Senator Carol Moseley-Braun (D-IL) and as an LBJ intern for United States Representative Bobby L. Rush (D-IL), focusing on education issues.

Gator Bradley is an ex-con who considers himself a peacemaker in a city overrun by gang warfare, especially on Chicago’s South Side. Bradley is at home with gang members, who can relate to them and reach them.

President Trump has spoken out about the extraordinarily high murder rate and frustration with officials who have been unable to do anything to fix it. He said he’d “call in the feds” if Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the police department could not reduce crime.

Franzese was last in Chicago back in December when he spoke and connected to inmates at the Cook County jail, arranged through Willow Creek Community Church.


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