Arsenal Pictures announces two picture deal with former United Nations expert on money laundering

(PR NewsChannel) / November 23, 2016 / LOS ANGELES 

Arsenal Pictures, based in Europe and America and a leading distributor of motion pictures and documentaries, announces a documentary and a feature film deal with Thomas Creal, the former United Nations panel expert for the Charles Taylor Asset Sanctions who has spent 35 years of tracing black money around the world.

Both projects, which Creal will executive produce, focus on the backroom trails of moving money and the secrecy of how the black money game is played.

“It is critical to understand the funding schemes and the aiders and abettors who participate in diverting those funds for bad things, plus those who were unjustly enriched,” says Creal. “And there is no better place to present these findings, than on the big screen.

“The funders of terrorism are just as bad as the terrorists themselves and they need to be exposed. At the top of the list is all the funders of the Christian genocide, money movers, gatekeepers, arms dealers and countries too.”

This genre of films focusing on money laundering, such as CLINTON CASH (2016) and MONEY MONSTER (2016) have been seen a great deal of success.

Arsenal Pictures announced earlier this month that it will make a feature film based on the bestselling book CHOOSING A HERO. The book details the great struggle to push Africa’s biggest war lord out of power in in favor of Africa’s first democratically elected female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the events which led to her becoming the leader of the Republic of Liberia. For that film, Inside Hollywood sources say Denzel Washington has been approached to play the world’s worst dictator, Charles Taylor, called by many the Hitler of Africa.

“I am very exited to work with such an esteemed expert like Tom Creal. These are fascinating stories that the world will love to see on the big screen. We have not seen these types of films with such broad appeal since Al Pacino’s SCARFACE and Leonardo Di Caprio’s BLOOD DIAMOND and WOLF OF WALL STREET,” says Yarek Danielak, the founder of Arsenal Pictures.

Part of the content team recruited by Creal are former U.S. commanders, counter-terrorism experts, UN experts and in-country investigators that have literally lived through it all. Former Rear Admiral Kathleen Dussault, who was the commander for Task Force 2010 headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan, will provide her expertise.

“Attacking the money supply lines that support the enemy is the secret sauce that these finance experts bring to the table. I have watched it happen firsthand as commander of the task force in Afghanistan,” say Dussault. “For nation building and global economic benefit, there is no better weapon then the elimination of black money. This includes the aiders and abettors. We have all the tools we need to be successful. We just need to take action and action steps now include the big screen.”

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About Thomas Creal
Mr. Creal has spent over 35 years tracing black money around the world. In June 2010 he helped stand up Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan. During his two years in Afghanistan he was successful in tracing and disrupting black money. Mr. Creal is a former U.N. Panel Expert and traced the assets around the world of former President Charles Taylor. Mr. Creal is currently leading the production teams for black money exposure.

About Arsenal Pictures
Established in 2006 by industry veteran Yarek Danielak, Arsenal Pictures is a full service motion picture company located in Los Angeles and London. From financing, production and international sales to P/A funding and distribution, the combined experience and expertise of our partners and consultants encompasses every aspect of the film and TV industry.

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