Arsenal Pictures: Michael Franzese, Michael Franzese Ministries join former U.N. expert on money laundering to produce film, documentary on Christian genocide

(PR NewsChannel) / December 5, 2016 / LOS ANGELES 

Arsenal Pictures says Michael Franzese, the former mob boss turned anti-violence crusader, will participate in a two-film deal that focuses on the financing of terrorism.

The former mob boss turned anti-violence crusader, Michael Franzese, will participate in a two-film deal with Arsenal Pictures that focuses on exposing backroom trails of moving money and the secrecy of how the black money game is played, Arsenal announced today.

The focus of both a documentary and feature film is on exposing those who finance or enrich themselves from acts of terrorism.

Late last month, Arsenal announced the project with Thomas Creal, the former United Nations panel expert for the Charles Taylor Asset Sanctions who has spent 35 years of tracing black money around the world.

Now Arsenal says Franzese will join. Franzese, who as a top member of the Colombo family was involved in the gasoline tax rackets of the 1980s, is very popular in the U.S. and oversees known for his Christian ministry, will be enormously helpful in shining the the spotlight on money movers and wartime profiteers.

“Michael Franzese is a great addition to this effort. My team is ready to work around the clock to make a movie if this can help stop the massacres and rebuild lives,” says Yarek Danielak, as CEO of Arsenal Pictures. “Because of my Polish heritage and what my family witnessed in Poland, I am in 200-percent.”

Thomas Creal, the international forensic accountant who has traced black money around the world, says for this film project “all funding sources will be looked at – arms dealers, governments, getaway drivers, money exchangers, professionals and banks.”

Creal is part of the team that is pursuing court action on behalf of Christians against the Kuwait Finance House, which is alleged to be aiders and abettors of the genocide.

“Michael Franzese and this film effort is exactly what we need to broaden the attack on those who are funding terrorism and the Christian genocide,” says Creal. “The perfect scenario is for my team to keep gathering the evidence, identifying the wrongdoers, and seeking recovery of the damages. We then can use the monies to rebuild the Christian communities. And the films will make sure the whole world knows what’s going on.”

Michael Franzese and his Michael Franzese Ministries will unite the Christian churches throughout the world to amplify the message at the grassroots level.

“I know violence and I know peace. Being part of an effort of this magnitude, with the opportunity to recover billions of dollars that can be used to rebuild lives and communities, is huge,” says Creal. “Once the word is out and the film hits the big screen, there is no stopping us.”

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About Arsenal Pictures
Established in 2006 by industry veteran Yarek Danielak, Arsenal Pictures is a full service motion picture company located in Los Angeles and London. From financing, production and international sales to P/A funding and distribution, the combined experience and expertise of our partners and consultants encompasses every aspect of the film and TV industry.

About Thomas Creal
Mr. Creal has spent over 35 years tracing black money around the world. In June 2010 he helped stand up Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan. During his two years in Afghanistan he was successful in tracing and disrupting black money. Mr. Creal is a former U.N. Panel Expert and traced the assets around the world of former President Charles Taylor. Mr. Creal is currently leading the production teams for black money exposure.

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