Out in days: New video produced by U.S. PR executive to dispel Borat-created Kazakhstan myths

Video to be released on 25th anniversary of Republic of Kazakhstan independence and the 10th anniversary of 'Borat' film
(PR NewsChannel) / October 25, 2016 / ASTANA, Kazakhstan and TAMPA, Fla. 

A highly anticipated video from a U.S. public relations executive that’s aimed at dispelling misconceptions about Kazakhstan will be released within the next few days.

The timing is impeccable.

Glenn Selig, founder and principal at The Publicity Agency in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Glenn Selig, founder and principal at The Publicity Agency in Astana, Kazakhstan.

This year Kazakhstan celebrates 25 years of independence as the British movie Borat, a fake documentary featuring a faux Kazakh news reporter that left an  indelible mark on how Americans view the Central Asian nation, records 10 years since it hit movie theaters.

It’s an ironic and remarkable convergence of two significant anniversaries that could re-ignite controversy and attention over the film that is blamed for ruining Kazakhstan’s reputation.

Glenn Selig, the public relations expert and executive from the international PR firm The Publicity Agency, says he recently visited Kazakhstan on business and because he was so struck by the contrast of what the country is, as opposed to what he expected, after some urging from Elvira Raziyeva, his Kazakhstan-born business development executive, he felt duty-bound to do something about it.


Targeting Americans, new video to be released soon from U.S. public relations executive attacks misconceptions about Kazakhstan.

Mr. Selig designed and is in the process of executing a public relations campaign called #kazakSTANDING STRONG to educate Americans about Kazakhstan.

“When you know you can help you just want to do something. Plus I have a connection to Kazakhstan,” said Mr. Selig. “Kazakhstan is a beautiful country and it’s clear the best is yet to come.”

The Republic of Kazakhstan, under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, is a thriving country. The economy is the largest of, and is growing faster, than all the Central Asian states.

Recent developments in Kazakhstan have been headline-making.

  • U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon is visiting Kazakhstan this week. Under Secretary Shannon wanted to see the EXPO 2017 Astana site. EXPO 207 is an an international event focusing on alternative energy.
  • Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia sign an agreement on nuclear cooperation.
  • Kazakhstan and Hungary are set to create the first project in the agricultural sector under the Kazakhstan Direct Investment Fund, which was established last year. The project is worth $20 million.
  • According to news reports that quote Kazakh Deputy Investment and Development Minister Albert Rau, an unnamed refinery in Kazakhstan will process up to two tons of Iranian gold next year.
  • To reduce the number of non-ecological and potentially unsafe cars, the government of Kazakhstan approved a Kazakh company program to buy old cars. Operator ROP plans to buy about 10,000 old cars by the end of this year to be recycled and to make the streets safer and the environment better.

Despite what is portrayed in the movie Borat, Kazakhstan is progressive and booming, says Selig.

“I hope that the video and this campaign is just a first step in helping to educate Americans about Kazakhstan,” says Raziyeva. “I think this effort from Mr. Selig will show Kazakhstan what’s possible and I can’t thank him enough!”

For more about the #kazakSTANDING STRONG campaign to educate Americans about Kazakhstan, please visit http://thepublicityagency.com/kazakhstanding-strong/.

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SOURCE:  The Publicity Agency

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