All natural enzyme drink ‘GEN-MY’ was awarded for 2016 OMOTENASHI Selection!

OMOTENASHI is 'a kind of hospitality for others with hurtful anticipation without words'
(PR NewsChannel) / May 9, 2016 / BEIJING  

The project called “OMOTENASHI Selection” was formed in 2015 by OMOTENASHI NIPPON Committee to find the unique and special spirit of Japanese hospitality products and markets in Japan and overseas. The all natural enzyme drink “GEN-MY” developed and sold by KST World Corporation was awarded for 2016 OMOTENASHI Selection.

The All Natural Enzyme Drink “GEN-MY” was highly valued as a new style of meal and will be marketed with the OMOTENASHI theme organized by OMOTENASHI NIPPON Committee not only to the domestic market, but also with worldwide opportunities.

  • 2016 OMOTENASHI Selection Awarded All Natural Enzyme Drink “GEN-MY”

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【OMOTENASHI Promotion Theme】

Rice Milk, as a new style of meal and only made with Japanese rice will deliver a safe and healthy diet

This is a new brown rice diet from Fukui, Japan (North of Kyoto). Rice milk was originally developed outside of Japan but “GEN-MY” is developed with only brown rice from the Northwest of Japan and water. One serving of this drink is equivalent to one serving of brown rice.  Compared with regular milk or soy milk, rice milk does not have allergy issues and this product does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This is a perfect part of breakfast or an energy source with high nutrients from brown rice, and is a perfect match with today’s busy people or health conscious people.

After the award ceremony, “GEN-MY” was displayed and sold at a well-known and busy department store, Takashimaya Nihonbashi Store (2-4-1 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo) during the event of “OMOTENASHI Selection 2016” held between March 2nd and 8th, 2016.

Product Information

  • Name: All Natural Enzyme Drink “GEN-MY”
  • Volume/Price: 195ml (6.59 FL OZ)/275JPY ($2.50 USD)
  • Sold at: Japanese department stores, convenient store, etc.
  • Description: GEN-MY was ranked 4th place on Nikkei Trendy Magazine for 2015 Hot product and recognized as a leading rice milk in the Japanese market. Rice milk was first developed in Europe and the USA, but we developed GEN-MY because we thought Japan as a rice country needs to have our own. Fukui is known as the origin of a rice brand called Koshihikari, and we wanted to increase the consumption. While many similar products use oil and salt, GEN-MY is only made with brown rice and water and by using the saccharification process, in which starch is converted to oligosaccharide to extract the natural sweetness out from rice itself. Because brown rice is fully processed to make GEN-MY, we carefully select safe and reliable rice.
  • Flavors: Regular and Maqui Berry (introduced in November, 2015) A very popular super food called Maqui Berry is blended with grapefruit juice. Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives are not added.  This new flavor will bring a citrusy taste along with a rich savory taste.
  • Next Step: In addition to the consumer market, we will aim to introduce the products to school cafeterias, elder care centers and other BtoB markets. Also many inquiries are coming from other foreign markets, so wide-range marketing is planned with ensuring that the product is “Safe and Reliable” as the highest priority

Company Information

  • Name: KST World Corporation
  • Location: 13-23 Shimorokujo-cho, Fukui-City, Fukui 918-8135, Japan
  • Phone: (+81) 776-41-7333
  • Website:

What is OMOTENASHI Selection?

A facet of Japanese culture that has recently captivated the world is “OMOTENASHI”, the spirit of Japanese hospitality. Supporting today’s life in Japan, Japanese products and services are generated by craftsmanship, special harmony in mind, and tradition while forward thinking improvements for the end user or customer with no compromise. Those are essentials for the Japanese spirit of harmony, OMOTENASHI.

OMOTENASHI Selection will be awarding products and services based on global viewpoints consisting of influential Japanese individuals and foreign committees who have lived in Japan, focusing on the special and attractive “OMOTENASHI”. 2016 is the second year of “OMOTENASHI Selection” and the number of applications jumped up to 274, twice as much than the first year. By the Japanese and foreign committee members, 90 recipients were awarded and recognized for the spirit of “OMOTENASHI”. Of these, 23 outstanding recipients won gold prizes.

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