Cannes Film Festival: Swiss prosecutorial misconduct the focus of investigative documentary to be screened by global movie buyers, press

Film, directed by American Jijo Reed and produced by U.S. based Sugar Studios LA, to be screened May 18, as part of Marché du Film in Cannes, France ‘Presumed Guilty’ to premiere in Switzerland following Cannes; dates to be announced ‘Presumed Guilty’ focuses on the notorious case brought by Swiss authorities against Jacques de Groote, former head of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Director Main question asked by the producers: Was there a real crime committed or was it an image campaign to cleanse the Swiss reputation?
(PR NewsChannel) / May 10, 2016 / CANNES, France 

Photo gallery - Presumed GuiltyAs part of Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival, Presumed Guilty, the new and controversial award-winning documentary that examines allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in the Swiss judicial system, has been selected to screen for movie buyers and members of the news media on May 18 in Cannes, France.

Movie buyers and news media are formally invited to screen the controversial investigative documentary at the Cannes Film Festival. Presumed Guilty is produced by Los Angeles, Calif.-based Sugar Studios and directed by American Jijo Reed.

The film that will be played in its entirety at the Cannes Film Festival, examines allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in the Swiss judicial system and whether a notorious prosecution that ended with the conviction of a former Belgian diplomat and five Czech businessman was politically motivated as a campaign by Swiss authorities in an effort to win international credibility.

In 2013, a court in Switzerland handed down prison sentences to Jacques de Groote, former head of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Director and Czech businessmen after finding them guilty of fraud and money-laundering. All of those convicted appealed decision to the Supreme Court of Switzerland.

Still,hey were sentenced after a long criminal case investigating the illegal takeover of the Czech coal-mining company, Mostecká uhelná společnost, known as MUS.

The verdict was seen as a damning indictment of both the ‘wild privatization’ of the 1990s and also the Czech criminal justice system, which failed to prosecute the case successfully.

Presumed Guilty uncovers new information and raises questions of what might really have been behind the prosecution.

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Was it really a “witch hunt” by the Swiss authorities that led to a prosecution of these men? Is there truth to allegations that the prosecution was littered with mistakes and prosecutorial negligence to make it look like Switzerland was trying to rid corruption from a system long suffering from an image that it was a safe haven to hide illegal money.

Shot in four different countries, Presumed Guilty digs deep into the prosecution of De Groote and the others was little more than a stunt designed to win international praise and to distract the public from focusing on the unscrupulous affairs by the Swiss justice system. No matter if those men committed the crime but was the trial really fair and just?

In March, the low-budget film financed by one of the film’s executive producers for less than US $500,000, won Best Documentary Feature at the International Film Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia.

‘Presumed Guilty’ will premiere in Switzerland following the screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Dates are expected to be announced soon.

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Produced and directed by the production company, Sugar Studios LA, “Presumed Guilty” seeks to establish a new feature length category for investigative cinematic journalism.

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