OMOTENASHI Selection announces their awardees for 2016

OMOTENASHI Selection 2016 items will be on sale in Tokyo, online and overseas
(PR NewsChannel) / March 2, 2016 / TOKYO 

OMOTENASHI Selection, a project that seeks to discover Japanese products and services that epitomize the spirit of “omotenashi” and present them to an international audience, announced 90 awardee products and services for 2016.

The OMOTENASHI Selection 2016
The concept of “omotenashi” – a kind of hospitality that tries to anticipate another’s needs without words – is unique to Japan, and has been garnering attention over the past few years. OMOTENASHI Selection believes that omotenashi can be expressed not only between people, but also by products or services that bring us joy through the spirit, craftsmanship, and imagination that bring them into being. By supporting the manufacturers and artisans behind the scenes, the project hopes to make omotenashi a household word – in households around the world.

This year, a total of 90 recipients were recognized for the spirit of “omotenashi,” as exemplified in their product or service. Of these, 23 were recognized with a Gold Award, while three were given special recognition: Foreign Favorite, Top Local Brand, and Omotenashi Gift.

The following is a sample of the items that were recognized with a Gold Award:

100% Organic Baby and Kids Underwear / Baby underwear shop MARMAILLE/Bisen Co., Ltd.
a wa glass/Sugahara Glassworks Inc.
Cha cha cha/Uogashi-Meicha Co., Ltd.
Hirosaki Cuisine/Kiseki no Ringo Karinto
Hito-Nomi Sake (Single-Portion Sake)/TAKARAYAMA Brewing Co., Ltd.
KAGO-Square/NOUSAKU Corporation
Kouji Hada Cream/ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Paperglass/Nishimura Precision Co., Ltd.
T-5/goromaruya Co., Ltd.
TRART Mizuhiki Accessories/knot standard Co., Ltd.
Twist Hair Brush/Art Forme Co., Ltd.
VEGETARE Tomato Crystal/Suggescom, Inc.
Vermicular Oven Pot/Aichi Dobby LTD.
Wagashi Artisan’s Juice “The Fruits of Shikoku”/Akanean

A list of all 90 awardees is available online:

This collection of specially selected items will be available through various sources including special events, websites and stores not only in Japan but around the world.**

  1. “Furusato Omotenashi Shop” (scheduled for end of March, 2016)
  3. A special event at a shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (scheduled for summer 2016)

Featured items will also be available for purchase during OMOTENASHI Selection 2016’s weeklong event at Takashimaya Nihonbashi

Event:            OMOTENASHI Selection 2016

Location:      Takashimaya Nihonbashi (2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

1F Event Space, 8F Event Area

Period:          March 2–March 8 (1F Event Space)

March 2–March 7 (8F Event Area)


** We welcome opportunities to work with foreign vendors and event organizers

Our search continues for OMOTENASHI Selection 2017!

About OMOTENASHI Selection: The OMOTENASHI Selection is a project that seeks out Japanese products and services that epitomize the spirit of “omotenashi” and presents them to an international audience. The project was launched last year by the OMOTENASHI NIPPON Executive Committee.

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