Marmaille premium 100% organic cotton baby clothes win gold prize for OMOTENASHI Selection 2016

(PR NewsChannel) / March 1, 2016 / TOKYO 

Premium 100% Organic Cotton Baby ClothesThe OMOTENASHI Selection project chooses original, high quality products and services, designed and produced in Japan, to promote Japanese innovation around the world.

In 2016, a total of 90 Japanese products and services were selected.

The gold prize was awarded to Premium 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes, produced and sold by Marmaille / Bisen Co. Ltd.

The judges were particularly impressed by the exceptional quality of the finished products, and by the company’s commitment to children’s well-being and peace of mind for parents. The news will be announced worldwide together with the ‘OMOTENASHI’ promotion phrase banner.

No more worries for mothers! The very best garments for children’s skin.

Gold prize winner 2016 – Premium 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

“Although non-organic cotton garments designed for children with skin problems are available, their seams tend to scratch the skin and often cause irritation.” some mothers said. That is where the idea originated from.

The extra-fine, low-pilling thread is imported from Switzerland. This premium 100% organic cotton is woven according to strict standards by Marmaille, specialists in infant undergarments based in Nagasaki. The garments are absorbent and airy in summer, whilst retaining warmth in winter.

The company’s attention to detail can also be seen in the flat, smooth seams which reduce irritation for the sensitive skin. Marmaille ensures that the all of its garments are made using 100% organic cotton including labels, fastenings and even the smallest stitches.

Marmaille has developed this range of beautifully crafted clothes with their littlest customers firmly in mind.

To celebrate the prize, Marmaille’s line of Premium 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes will be exhibited and sold at the ‘OMOTENASHI Selection 2016’ event held at the Takashimaya Nihombashi store (2-4-1 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) between Wednesday, 2nd March and Tuesday, 8th March.

Product summary

Marmaille’s line of Premium 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes has been chosen by The Japanese Atopic Dermatitis Association in 2015; the first time for them to recognise organic cotton products in the clothing category. Although organic cotton baby clothes from Japan are new to many people, the quality has begun to receive admiration and the word is spreading. Currently the products are available from the company’s website, Tsuruya Department Store in Kumamoto and Meitetsu Department Store in Nagoya.

Marmaille Premium 100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

1 Short garment for newborn ¥2,800 6 Long sleeve pullover ¥3,300
2 Long garment for newborn ¥3,300 7 Short sleeve pullover ¥3,200
3 First whole year garment ¥3,500 8 Short sleeve pullover for kids ¥3,700
4 Short sleeve romper ¥3,400 9 Long sleeve pullover for kids ¥4,000
5 Long sleeve romper ¥3500 10 Mini leggings ¥2,900

※Prices are tax free

Company profile

  • Name   : Marmaille / Bisen Co. Ltd.
  • Policy   :  Products for children’s well-being and peace of mind for parents
  • Address: 222-47 Maki Konagai-cho, Isahaya-city, Nagasaki ,859-0164
  • Phone   : 0957-34-3213
  • Website:
  • Awards :            2012 Nagasaki Design Award Grand Prix

2013 Nagasaki Design Award / Letter of thanks from British monarchy

2014 Kids Design Award

2015 First prize in a Facebook “likes” contest by CFSCI

About OMOTENASHI Selection

Omotenashi is a word and feeling in Japanese which conveys a sense of great customer service and hospitality; not just welcoming but with a gentle touch to make other people feel special and more comfortable.

There are many products and services in Japan developed with a sense of omotenashi; Some are developed with a customer focus, while others have sought to improve traditional ideas or techniques with modern twists. It is through the spirit of omotenashi that many Japanese products and services aim to enhance the quality of life and this is one of the things that makes Japanese products exceptional.

The OMOTENASHI Selection values these original Japanese creations. The judges are Japanese and non-Japanese with a good understanding of Japan, and suitable products and services are chosen with an eye on international tastes.

In 2016, the second year of the selection, 90 products and services were selected from 274 applicants and gold prizes were awarded to the top 23.

OMOTENASHI Selection website:

Media contact

Specialists in infant garments Marmaille – Mr. Kosuke Inoue (Director)

Phone : 0957-34-3213 ( From overseas +81-957-34-3213 )

Fax : 0957-34-3264 ( From overseas +81-957−34−3264)

Email :

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