Hunkins Entertainment announces first monthly donation to Wounded Warrior Project, Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund

(PR NewsChannel) / January 22, 2016 / MINNEAPOLIS 

No Such Thing as Evil, Circle of Six Trilogy, Hunkins Entertainment, Andrew HunkinsHunkins Entertainment LLC, producer and marketer of creative works by Andrew Hunkins, today, announced a charitable contribution representing six percent of profit from sales of No Such Thing as Evil, book one in the Circle of Six trilogy. The donation comprises three percent to Wounded Warrior Project and three percent to Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund.

“Giving back is important,” said Andrew Hunkins, owner and author. “I wrote the story as an escape for my reader. It’s fiction. However, in real life, there are real battles against real evil. We must always support our non-fiction heroes and heroines.” Monthly contributions are planned and this donation is the first after the book debuted in December 2015. “I’m fortunate enough to be able to write a check to help make the world a better place, but the contributions from our military personnel are unmatched because of the permanent implications following their service.”

Hunkins prefers the term techno-thriller over science fiction to describe the story. “Science fiction tends to imply a readership of old men. The genera is broader today. Techno-thrillers are the modern reader’s science fiction.” Set in the year 2040, the book’s fictional world has advanced technologically but in a subtle extension from present. The line between reality and fiction is blurred. Familiarity draws the reader across the line, unknowingly.

No Such Thing as Evil, Circle of Six Trilogy, Hunkins Entertainment, Andrew Hunkins“People who know me often ask about the book’s title,” said Hunkins. “There’s no such thing as evil just as there’s no such thing as cold. Cold is merely the absence of heat. There’s no such thing as dark, only the absence of light. Evil encroaches wherever goodness fades. Goodness is energy; evil is entropy. Goodness is pressure; evil is vacuum. The book isn’t preachy or religious but this concept inspires me every day. Our military personnel can establish warmth and light but we as individuals must keep up the pressure while ensuring respect for all cultures. With this donation, I’m taking my own advice.”

Hunkins Entertainment is excited to also announce the release of the eBook version, available on Amazon Kindle, beginning on Jan 22. Hardcover books are also available on Amazon, was well as through the author’s website,

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