Innovative beverage cooling koozie, The Monster Cooler, supported by patented technology

The groundwork of the can and bottle coolers design and function relies on its patented closed-cell foam and engineered technology Cooling koozie now stocked at select Bed Bath & Beyond locations in Florida and South Carolina
(PR NewsChannel) / August 3, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Monster CoolersThe Monster Cooler, an innovative new beverage cooling product, is not your average koozie. Unlike a normal koozie, this can and bottle cooler’s patented, closed-cell foam technology along with extreme engineering allows it to keep beverages ice cold for hours.

“The Monster Cooler is made for life. You can take it anywhere, especially outdoors when the temperature is high and you want to keep your beverage at its most enjoyable state,” says Jeff Beggins, co-creator of the innovative can and bottle cooler. “It’s soft, flexible and durable structure makes it ideal for hanging at the beach, by the pool, tailgating, working out and so much more. We promise that the last sip will be as enjoyable as the first sip”

The patented closed-cell foam developed for Monster Cooler encapsulates the cold air and does not allow air to escape as it eliminates condensation.

Like a personal refrigerator, The Monster Cooler’s unique technology earned the beverage cooling product six patents and six trademarks under US patent & International patent protection. The insulated can and bottle cooler features triple air locking vacuum seals maintaining an ice cold state for beverages in bottles, cans and cups for hours.

Beggins adds that the cooling koozie eliminates any condensation normally created by cold beverages, making it user friendly and easy to grip while making sure no condensation rings form on any furniture.

“We like to think that there is no longer an excuse to drink warm beer.”

The Monster Cooler is on shelves now at the following 17 Bed Bath & Beyond locations: Tallahassee, Fla., Gainesville, Fla., Sarasota, Fla., Naples, Fla., Jacksonville, Fla., Jacksonville Beach, Fla., Tampa, Fla., (Citrus Park), Ft. Myers, Fla., Port Charlotte, Fla., Lakeland, Fla., Winter Garden, Fla., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Columbia, S.C., Bluffton, S.C., North Charlotte, S.C., Charleston, S.C. and Greenville, S.C.

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About The Monster Cooler
When his refrigerator broke and the cold temperature of Tom Beggins’ beer was in jeopardy, fate intervened and assisted Beggins in creating The Monster Cooler. An innovative product to help keep beverages at their coldest and most enjoyable state, the Monster Cooler was designed to fit like a glove for cans, cups and bottles. The Monster Cooler is lightweight, yet durable, easy to grip, eliminates condensation, but more importantly, insulates beverages, keeping them cool for hours. Monster Coolers are perfect for beach-goers, tailgaters, boaters, those relaxing poolside and/or replenishing during activities.

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