Effective strategies for locking in media coverage from a press release

Press releases can gain earned media coverage if the message is well-written
(PR NewsChannel) / August 6, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla.  

PR NewsChannel logoWriting a press release to gain earned media coverage isn’t always easy. It’s a craft that is detail oriented and takes time to define.

We’ve previously reported on the importance of content within a release. Content comes in many forms including images, videos, links, graphics or audio.

But what about writing as content? Does it sometimes get overlooked with an overabundance of cluttered content from these other forms?

Tyler Ragghianti, , a project manager at PR NewsChannel, a global press release distribution newswire created by journalists, says that many times a press release can miss the actual point of what it’s trying to achieve, which is media coverage.

“Sometimes press releases miss the mark if they are bogged down with too much content,” says Ragghianti. “While those are important aspects of a release, the way the written message is crafted will always be the most important.”

One of the first and most crucial parts of writing a press release is ensuring you’ve done your research on the subject matter. This is a phase in which public relations professionals have to gather all of the details and information in order to accurately represent the story.

Ragghianti says that after the research phase one should pay attention to creating effectively written content.

“You have to mold that information into a narrative that people can follow,” says Ragghianti. “Think like a reporter and write your press release just like if you were to write a news story, with the most relevant information towards the beginning. It’s also great to include quotes from the experts to give your release some credibility.”

Another effective way to motivate coverage is by using external content to drive the narrative. Although the company or brand you’re writing about is the main focus, there is other information that may add value to your story.

“Use relevant news materials that may relate to the company or brand you’ve written the press release for,” said Ragghianti. “Journalists appreciate stories that are relevant to current news trends.”

When all is said and done and your press release is complete, make sure you’re strategic. Send your release to the reporters who will care the most about your subject matter. This is the best way to get your client in the media spotlight.

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