PR firm client GOP strategist Jack Burkman on CCTV America

Talks Hillary Clinton fundraising drama
(PR NewsChannel) / April 17, 2015 / WASHINGTON 

PR firm The Publicity AgencyPR firm client Jack Burkman, a GOP strategist and syndicated radio talk show host, joined a panel discussion on CCTV America to talk Hillary Clinton and the fundraising flap.

On the program, Global Business, CCTV America‘s Shraysi Tandon interviewed Democratic strategist Michael Benjamin and Republican strategist Jack Burkman.

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Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is facing some tough questions after her and her husband former President Bill Clinton’s non-profit organization, The Clinton Foundation, revealed that foreign donors contributed millions of dollars while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

After announcing that she will run for President, Clinton resigned from the foundation’s board.

On Wednesday, the Clinton Foundation said it will continue accepting direct donations from only six foreign governments but the others could continue participating in the Clinton Global Initiative, a program affiliated with the Foundation.

“Like most things with the Clinton’s, this smells very bad,” Burkman said on CCTV America. “You have a woman who is Secretary of the State of the United States… at the same time she and her husband have a foundation that’s raking in millions from foreign governments, foreign leaders, foreign companies… You’re looking at a level of corruption, immorality that we’ve never seen before.”

Clinton is a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

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