Hollywood film producer, businessman offers advice on balancing life, family, dual careers, and finding time to stop and smell the Roseau

Christopher Sean Brown, explains the importance of family and juggling dual careers in one household
(PR NewsChannel) / April 9, 2015 / LOS ANGELES  

InterCoast CollegeOne might say that Christopher Sean Brown has too much experience dealing with obstacles that come with juggling two different careers.

In addition to being an executive producer on several independent film projects, Brown and his wife Geeta have devoted more than three decades to building InterCoast College into a highly regarded nationwide for-profit educational institution.

A private career college with 10 locations, all designed to provide associate degrees and diploma level career programs, InterCoast prepares students to succeed in the specialized fields of allied health, legal, business, and trade industries.

Chris commented that: “Film sets and classrooms all have a lot in common. It is all about managing expectations, teamwork, and execution. You wake up one day and realize it’s all about team work, and although I deeply miss the day-to-day of Intercoast and building a new generation of job creators, I still see so much learning on a film set, it fills the void.” We have people of all ages working as actors, set designers, and all kinds of crew, and much like Intercoast and a classroom I find it thrilling to see so many people working together for a common purpose.”

And Geeta Brown, president of InterCoast Colleges commented: “of course we miss Chris every day at InterCoast but like so many of our students and faculty, he is pursuing not just his dream but helping others build theirs as well.”

The Brown family has also had to juggle between both family members working in multiple states and when asked about any advice Chris might have for couples who juggle dual careers, he quipped: “well, get used making holidays, weekends, and anniversaries count.” Chris and Geeta just had reason to celebrate as they just had their 20 year anniversary. Geeta commented: “I feel so blessed to have a wonderful family, a caring and dedicated faculty, and a loving husband. I hope as many of my students can experience all the blessings that life has to offer. Your family and co workers are there during the sunny and rainy days and for that I’m forever grateful.”

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SOURCE:  InterCoast College

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