Ukraine President renews talks with EU on Association Agreement

President Yanukovych begins consultations with European Commission President Barroso about potential Ukranian involvement with EU
(PR NewsChannel) / December 4, 2013 / KIEV, Ukraine 

UkraineDays after the Ukrainian government decided to forgo a European Union Association Agreement, President Viktor Yanukovych and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso have agreed to renew talks on several aspects of the agreement.

Initiated by Ukraine, Monday’s phone call between the two presidents has paved the way for a delegation from Kiev to travel to the EU to renew talks on the Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

Ukraine was widely expected to sign an Association Agreement on November 29, however, the government decided to suspend preparations for the signings at the last minute.

In a show of democracy, there have been protests at the capital in Kiev by those voicing their opinions on the future of Ukraine. However, despite the demonstrations, the opposition failed to topple the Ukranian government in a no-confidence vote held on Tuesday.

EU President Barroso did underline that the European Commission stands ready to discuss aspects of implementation related to the agreements already initialed, but not to re-open any kind of negotiations.

A potential EU agreement could provide a number of benefits to Ukraine, most noticeably, allowing the country to emerge from the burden of relying on Russian trade for economic stability.

With large segments of the Ukrainian economy reliant on Russia, the current economic situation leaves Ukraine especially vulnerable to Kremlin pressure. Should Russia exert undue pressure against the country, the Ukrainian economy would be forced into a free fall that would inevitably at stress to an already volatile region.

This past August, Russia imposed restrictions on Ukrainian goods crossing the border in an act that was widely viewed as retaliation for the country refusing its own Customs Union. Since then, Russian officials have also warned that Ukraine could be subjected to unspecified, yet ominous, “defensive measures” should the country move closer to the EU.

Ukrainian President Yanukovych, however, has been committed to European integration, and has said his nation views its European aspirations as the “defining vector of our development.”

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