Bipartisan coalition on national security applauds U.S. House vote to defeat NSA bill

The Bipartisan Coalition for American Security (BCAS) says the amendment would have compromised the safety and wellbeing of all Americans
(PR NewsChannel) / July 25, 2013 / WASHINGTON 

capitol-building-summerThe Bipartisan Coalition for American Security (BCAS) today applauded the U.S. House for defeating an amendment that would have limited the National Security Agency’s ability to bulk collect U.S. phone records.

“America must remain strong and secure and the amendment would have severely curtailed our country’s ability to protect Americans from danger,” says former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), honorary co-chairman of BCAS. “The amendment would have impeded the NSA and exposed a weakness to those who hope to harm us. It is wrong to handcuff the NSA from being able to do everything possible to protect Americans.”

The government has been obtaining records under orders authorized by a secret federal intelligence court that requires phone and cell companies to hand over calling records on nearly every American to the NSA. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden exposed the once secretive practice. Snowden has since fled to Russia and has sought asylum to avoid arrest and prosecution in the U.S.

Introduced by Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), the amendment would have required the government to first identify a person under investigation before it could collect any call records.

“When it comes to matters of national security, sometimes it gets uncomfortable,” says former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), honorary co-chair of BCAS. “America must show strength and remain vigilant. That is what it takes to keep all Americans safe and secure. Congress should allow the NSA to do their jobs and not micromanage the process.”

Founded earlier this year, BCAS (, the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security is dedicated to the proposition that the prosperity, freedom and security of Americans at home depends upon the exercise of strong and principled American leadership abroad.

BCAS believes in an engaged and proactive U.S. foreign policy and the tools needed to sustain it, including keeping America’s military the strongest in the world, international spending that protects American allies and promotes American values, and a bold pro-trade agenda that produces economic growth for all.

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About BCAS: A nonprofit 501(c)(4), the mission of the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security is to defend and protect America by supporting America’s broad engagement in the world, democracy and human rights as fundamental tenets of our foreign policy, strong alliances around the globe, and a robust foreign policy and strong national defense.

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