From broken heart to free will, poetry book mixes romance, philosophy

In “Ilham: Inspired Verses,” Dr. Irfan Khaja Moinuddin writes bilingual Urdu and English verse that contemplates logic and mysticism, emotion and instinct
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"Ilham: Inspired Verses"

"Ilham: Inspired Verses" by Dr. Irfan Khaja Moinuddin

Dr. Irfan Khaja Moinuddin creates poetry that is as romantic as it is philosophical in “Ilham: Inspired Verses” (ISBN 1456326201). He considers the broken heart in both its emotional state and spiritual import. The poet considers a broken one superior to a heart that has never loved or the one that has never experienced heartbreak. 

Moinuddin has been writing verse since his undergraduate days at the University of Chicago, creating a body of work known for its puns, double entendres and colorful ambiguity. His writings appear in a bilingual format, side-by-side, translated by the author from Urdu into English. His verse brings a philosophical rigor to love poetry that may be new to readers. He is as concerned with what tugs at human heartstrings as he is with the reason and rationale behind love itself. A unique aspect of his poetry is the parallels it draws between the divine love of the maker for his creations and the worldly love two humans have for one another.

Despite the intellectual qualities of his work, “Ilham” is a book that most readers will find comfortable to immerse themselves in. It is refreshing poetry that defies many of the genre’s conventions. A breath of fresh air, it nurses rebellion while being rooted in the everyday dilemmas of romance and spirituality. He considers love and affection, free will and predestination from the tenets of his Muslim faith. His incorporation of Islam into philosophy, poetry and romance will tenderly surprise readers who may have their own preconceptions about the religion.

“Ilham” is a book of poetry that will inspire many. Rooted in the axioms and aesthetics of philosophy, the book’s verse will have the reader contemplating love for both its logical qualities and its mystical attributes. Direct and unusual, this is a book that finds renewed spiritual sustenance in the struggle to find love against all odds.

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About the Author: Dr. Irfan Khaja Moinuddin is a medical doctor, a theologian, a mystic and a romantic. He earned a bachelor’s from the University of Chicago where he studied biology, literature, philosophy and the Urdu language. He earned a medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, he works as an attending physician at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Ill. He lives with his wife, Sana, and their child, Ihsan, in southern Illinois.

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