After tragic loss of his family, Jonathan Vick attempts creation of homogenous utopian society in new fictional drama

“To be Left Alone” by Johnny Clinton Irvin shows readers what might happen if the wealthy white class decided to leave America
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"To Be Left Alone"

"To Be Left Alone" by Johnny Clinton Irvin

Johnny Clinton Irvin was born and raised in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. Deciding to travel, Irvin visited every corner of the world from Japan to Peru where he met people from all walks of life and experienced different cultures. Throughout his journey, he witnessed the good and the bad of mankind. All over the world, income disparities, political calamity and prejudice exist which result in famine, death and violence. In his fictional novel “To be Left Alone” (ISBN 1463769210), Irvin attempts to answer what constitutes racism, prejudice and just how involved the government should be in the lives of its people and the world.

When Jonathan Vick’s mother and siblings are killed in racially-motivated crossfire and his father dies in a home invasion, life changes forever. Jonathan decides that the differences in mankind only seem to create tension and tension breeds violence, so the best solution is the separate creation of a utopian society for people of the same race, religion and income level. Only then can one achieve their best chance of safety and happiness.

With assistance from friends, the family’s corporation and his newfound love, Melissa Macer, Jonathan creates a civilization named Janna on an island off Nicaragua. Despite tireless efforts to build the city and to live in his vision of perfection, Jonathan faces obstacles along the way. From a neo-Nazi leader wishing to use the island as a safe haven, to the negative portrayal by the media, Jonathan tries to maintain peace.

After creating the homogenous Manhattan and delivering a speech to the world from Washington D.C. declaring Janna’s existence, Jonathan and the new civilization fall under America’s scrutiny. In order to protect Melissa and the city, Jonathan must take drastic measures. Strange events start occurring when a board member mysteriously dies, Jonathan’s best friend, Merrill, disappears and Jonathan finds himself completely alone again.

After a domestic terrorist attack on U.S. soil, the media declares war on Janna and the government decides to take action.  With Jonathan’s life crumbling around him, Irvin paints a dramatic turn of events that has even Jonathan wondering if the utopian society was the best solution.

“I think ‘To be Left Alone’ will appeal to people with interests in civil rights, racism, drama and even politically-minded audiences,” Irvin says. “The Tea Party might be in favor of the anti-intervention message concerning the government, while liberal-minded individuals will be interested to see how the story defines racial and income divisions.”

“To be Left Alone” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Johnny Clinton Irvin was born and raised in the Northeast Georgia Mountains where he attended Rabun County High School. He went on to graduate from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., receiving a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian studies and a Bachelor of Science in accounting. Over the past five years, he has authored “To be Left Alone.”  During that time, he traveled to several countries including Japan, India, Nepal, Cambodia and Peru, where income disparities and political calamity are extremely prominent. Irvin works in the financial industry and currently resides in Atlanta.

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