Author brings childhood nightmare to life in debut novel, ‘Eternity’

Adventure and mythology unite to create a fast-paced, sharp-witted paranormal romance
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"Eternity" by Andrea Kohalmi

A childhood nightmare about vampires that haunted her for more than two decades inspired author Andréa Kohalmi’s debut novel, “Eternity” (ISBN 0615545092), which combines themes of adventure, mystery, mythology and romance.

After the death of her high school sweetheart, 18-year-old Angel decides to leave her hometown of Salem, Mass. She travels to the U.K. in order to escape her past, but what awaits her is a trip that could change her life as well as the world as she knows it.

When Angel joins her new friends on a day trip to Wales to visit the popular tourist attraction Endymion Manor, her fate takes an eerie and perilous twist. Stumbling upon a centuries-old painting of the Greek goddess Artemis that bears a striking resemblance to her, she is soon the focal point of a Wiccan coven and an upcoming battle that holds the world’s safety in its outcome. While maneuvering around this seemingly insane legion, Angel crosses paths with a dashing film star named Rick and evidence of the ever-present role of Artemis through cryptic symbols found in the curious town.

While investigating ancient records, Angel lands in the midst of an even stronger and stranger situation. Aeterna Flamma, a bloodthirsty band of vampires and werewolves, realize her significance in the upcoming battle and peg Angel as their next sacrifice. Her life is in constant danger until the beautiful stranger C.J. rescues her. The plot twists all the more when she finds out that events in the ancient past have pitted man, beast and vampire to a fight until death.

As Angel finds herself caught between two men vying for her affection, she is also faced with the undoing of everyone she cares for and is determined to help her new-found friends restore order to the world.

With elements of danger, adventure, suspense and the supernatural, Kohalmi believes her first title in a paranormal romance adventure series will attract readers and fans of the popular “Twilight,” “Harry Potter,” “The DaVinci Code” and “Indiana Jones” stories.

“Eternity” is available for sale online at and also in e-book format.

About the Author: Andrea Kohalmi graduated with a degree from St. Joseph’s University. She began her career in Philadelphia in advertising and marketing with an international lighting manufacturer. She is currently a marketing communications manager in the mobile marketing industry in San Francisco. Kohalmi spends her free time writing, traveling and researching the mythological and supernatural.

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