Once on opposite sides of law, they’re now partnered in new effort to battle Christian genocide, terror networks 

(PR NewsChannel) / December 29, 2016 / LOS ANGELES 

Decades ago they were on opposite sides of the law. Back then, Michael Franzese was the New York mobster who aside from Al Capone made more money for organized crime than anyone ever. Thomas Creal was the forensic accountant who worked with United Nations busting rackets domestically and internationally.

Today they are joined in a mission to fight Christian genocide and global terrorism.

Michael Franzese who walked away from the mob and has become a global ambassador for spreading God’s word through his ministry, announced today that Thomas Creal, who spent a lifetime chasing down financiers of terrorist networks, war criminals and movers of black money, has joined the Board of Directors at the Michael Franzese Ministries.

“We have one mission to stop the Christian genocide, attack the unjust enrichment of the wartime entrepreneurs, recover monies from the aiders and abettors, and to help rebuild the lives of Christians all around the world,” says Mr. Franzese. “Whatever needs to get done is what we are going to do and Tom Creal will help enormously.”

Mr. Creal is a former U.N. expert from the Charles Taylor war criminal days and lead forensic accounting expert at Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan.

“I have learned in my life that it takes all types of people and talents to accomplish great things,” says Mr. Creal. “Just like in sports, championship teams have great chemistry and a diverse set of skills – which is exactly what is needed to defeat terrorism – and exactly what my partnership with Michael brings to the game.”

Last month, Arsenal Pictures announced a two-movie deal that included both Mr. Franzese and Mr. Creal. They have further work together on the follow up for the film “1939 Battle of Westerplatte” a story about how the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein marks the start of World War II by firing on the garrison stationed at the Westerplatte Peninsula in Poland. The film project has attracted international support from Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Russia, France and United Kingdom (UK).

Mr. Creal says the stark similarities between that story and that of him and Mr. Franzese are apparent.

“We need a hero in today’s battle for human rights. And with the global reach of the Michael Franzese Ministries, my tracking of black money, the power of Hollywood, these same European territories can deliver the required leadership,” says Mr. Creal.

Mr. Creal has worked in Afghanistan, Liberia, Iraq, Lebanon and traced money into Germany, Switzerland and onto many of the black money hot beds.

“In the time I have known Michael Franzese, I have come to realize he is a very special person, on a mission, and someone I am proud to call my battle buddy,” says Mr. Creal.

Their base of operations will be on the fringes of the European Union, close to the Middle East countries and within a short plane ride to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Last week, Michael Franzese Ministries announced two other prominent members to his Board of Directors: Fred Lebed, president and CEO of The Prairie Group Consulting, Inc. and Glenn Selig, president and CEO of the global public relations company Selig Multimedia, Inc.

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SOURCE:  Michael Franzese Ministries

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