Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Offers Weekly Market Analysis in Face of Uncertain Economic Climate

Calm and collected market data provided by Jim Hunt of VTA Publications
(PR NewsChannel) / November 17, 2016 / LONDON 

jim-hunt-vta-publicationsThe world has been in a state of disbelief since the recent U.S. presidential election. Many investors and corporations around the world are terrified at the views and beliefs of President-elect Trump. There are many things that Trump has said regarding foreign trade and foreign policy. This could greatly affect the earnings of large companies all over the world. Investors have taken an unprecedented $100 billion dollars out of the market since January this year. Trump is the first president of the United States that has been completely unpredictable. This has created a very uncertain global market.

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has been a symbol of stability for many investors around the world. His weekly market analysis videos have created certainty for his followers. Unlike many of the financial figures in the media, Hunt takes a calm ad unbiased look at market statistics around the world. He then compiles these statistics in a way that is easily understood by every level of investor. Whether you are seasoned investment pro or a beginning investor, you will be able to take the information from Hunt’s weekly videos and use it to give you a clear look into the financial future of the global markets.

Hunt’s most recent video has taken a look at the bigger picture. Instead of just looking at the most recent changes in the market, Hunt has shown his viewers in the market all the way back to 1980. When looking at the current downturn in the market and comparing it to earlier bear markets, we can see that the market isn’t declining as rapidly as it was in 2008 or other bearish years in the past. There have been upturns in the market that are easing worry for more cynical investors.

However, there still is a great deal of uncertainty that Hunt points out as he remarks on the recent political happening. They have been greatly affecting the market over the past weeks. Hunt talks about the decline in the market days before the election as investors predicted the Trump victory. Right after Trump’s election, the Dow was down over 1,000 points. This is mainly due to the uncertainty that comes with a Trump presidency. However, it was a surprise to may when the stock market began booming the days after Trump’s victory. During these very turbulent times, Hunt is predicting that there will be a swift reversal of the upturn in the market. With the transition of Trump into presidency already so rocky, investor confidence will most likely tank causing the market to fall.

With the Trump win, Hunt has reported a great deal of sector confidence. The financial institutions have seen an influx of capital as investors are quite sure that the banking industry will flourish due to this win. Industrial stocks are also doing very well due to the proposed infrastructure changes. Overall, the future of the market looks quite bearish, but there are some sectors that could do quite well with the new president-elect Trump.

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