Black Money Ops game to battle international terrorism with bottled water

(PR NewsChannel) / June 15, 2017 / CHICAGO 

The mobile game and bottled water industries have formed an alliance to battle black money thanks to international forensic accountant expert Thomas Creal.

The first ever mobile game supporting efforts to globally attack black money is scheduled to release in September 2017. Tied to the effort is the sale of bottled water called EVA WATER, from the underground glaciers in the country of Serbia.

“This is a new type of war and requires new thinking. The bad guys use social media to raise money. We are going one step further and developing a mobile game that will be played by millions of people around the world every day and will unmask the world of black money,” says Creal, the catalyst for all the efforts. “And in the shelves and on counters will be Supporting Black Money Ops Games bottled water supporting our efforts to bankrupt the enemies.”

Thomas Creal, a former United Nations Panel Expert and financial forensic team lead for Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan, is teaming with several international experts and gaming firm The B Team, out of the Balkans, for the creation of a first-of-its-kind black money ops mobile game.

Also joining the fight is Michael Franzese, the born again Christian and former mob boss. Along with his knowledge, energy and global support of Christian values, Franzese says he “will personally travel endlessly to churches worldwide, signing up millions of game players. The current day weapon of choice does not need to be the largest gun. Today, it is millions of game players and the old school milk carton picture.”

Creal and Franzese both agree, “this is the perfect teaching tool for the younger generation, who by the way, hates corruption. This will give the world visibility of who, what, where, why and how. And it is a candy crush type game that is tons of fun.”

The first set of games will go live in September 2017 followed by a marketing tour that will include both Creal and Franzese.

The EVA Water that supports the Black Money Ops Game is on sale now in packs of 12 bottles and can be purchased through the website Shipments are being handled by Shaftal International Trading Company.

Franzese says, “I have never been more excited. This will definitely help win the war and stop Christian genocides. The churches around the world will jump onboard to help recruit gamers. After all, this is why I started the Michael Franzese Ministries.”


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