New Zivatar mobile app chooses tech friendly New Zealand for app debut

University of Arizona student Garrett Patrick and Zivatar co-founder Craig Patrick debut mobile application that sends last known location to trusted contacts New mobile app combines battery alerts, picture and video messaging
(PR NewsChannel) / May 23, 2016 / AUCKLAND, New Zealand 

Zivatar Mobile AppA new mobile app called Zivatar, is tackling the scourge afflicting groups trying to communicate: dead batteries. The app automatically sends out notifications when a phone battery is critically low, giving friends the location of their compatriot. It also includes private video, photo, and charge-free worldwide text messaging for individuals and groups.

Zivatar is available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Users can set up trusted individual contacts and groups to receive battery notifications. The threshold battery level for each contact can be set separately, along with a custom message. A reminder can also pop up on the user’s own phone, accompanied by vibration, audio, and video.

The automatic notification feature provides the last known location of the phone. This information is useful when coordinating activities, but could also be crucial in the case of a missing person.

Zivatar also helps contacts keep in touch whenever they want. At any time, users can send NAV pins of their current (or any) location along with a short message. The NAV pins link directly to Google Maps, which gives the user turn by turn directions. They can also send individuals or groups captioned photos and videos that disappear after being viewed.

“We are charging a small fee because Zivatar is about communicating with family and friends in a fun environment without your actions being tracked, your data being sold and advertisers constantly harassing you.  We just wanted to create a great product that will make everyone’s daily lives a little better, and possibly safer,” said Garrett Patrick of Zivatar.


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