For law firm marketing, savvy attorneys do this

It targets clients. It's affordable. And, simply put, it gets clients in the door.
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When it comes to law firm marketing, what works best?

What is the most effective way for attorneys to market their law firms and get clients in the door or the phones ringing?

The most common methods are billboards, bus benches and bus advertising and TV advertising.

But something else is attracting savvy attorneys looking for a law firm marketing method. It’s an approach that brings new clients in the door. And it’s surprisingly affordable, effective and doesn’t project an image of desperation (which, let’s face it, some forms of law firm marketing do).


Billboards are typically the most expensive form of advertising, eyeball for eyeball, for a law firm marketing strategy.

Law firm marketing: Billboards

Look up as you’re driving and what do you see: a billboard, often promoting a professional sports team, news team or the mug of a serious looking local attorney on it. Drive another block, and you may a billboard featuring a different lawyer.

Arbitron, a market research firm, found that billboards are good at getting people to think about messages in the abstract, but when it comes to getting them to do something more specific — like dialing a phone number or punching in Web address — not so much.

Plus, eyeball for eyeball, billboards are often the most expensive advertising option.


Bus benches are often plastered with the faces of local attorneys engaged in this form of law firm marketing. But does it work?

Law firm marketing: Bus benches and buses

Then there are those bus benches and ads on buses. If you’re a criminal defense attorney and you put your face on a bus or a bus bench, what are the chances that someone who’s just been arrested or charged is seeing either, and then thinking, “Hmmm, let me call that person now or jot it down for later?”

Maybe better than winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning. But still, not so great.


So random? There is a form of law firm marketing that takes a more targeted approach advertising on public transportation.

Plus it’s exceptionally difficult to track results and both those methods of law firm marketing potentially make you look desperate for business!

Law firm marketing: TV advertising

TV advertising can work well, but you need repetition, which means a large ad buy. Plus the messaging, performance and production play a really big role in determining chances of success.

Not all attorneys should talk into a camera. A bad performance easily torpedoes the ad.

Law firm marketing: Content marketing and press releases

Nowadays 80-percent of people use the Internet. And leveraging the power of the organic search engines (not paid) sets the bar high and is amazing effective for law firms interested in marketing.

LAW FIRM MARKETING TV ADAnd it’s the growing choice of law firms who want to set the bar for law firm marketing high.

Imagine being able to create your own news. You or one of your lawyers commenting on a big legal case; a news story about your own case; a feature story about your law firm and how you are the best at what you do.

Now you can with online press releases from PR NewsChannel.

Online press releases are used for content marketing, but are even more effective. Think of a press release as a news story that you create and you present in the way you want. When you distribute a press release via PR NewsChannel, it turns up on the search engines and is syndicated to media sites worldwide.

You get quality links to your site, an increase in traffic, and greater visibility on social media. And your press release article pops up when potential clients are searching the internet. In other words, you reach the very people you are targeting.

PR NewsChannelAs a result, some of the most savvy law firms are using press releases for law firm marketing.

“The people reading it receive it as third-party endorsement, so they don’t think it’s you tooting your own horn,” says Adam Farragut from the press release newswire and content syndicator PR NewsChannel. “And third-party endorsements are very powerful when it comes to influencing people to take action.”

That’s how humans react. Search engines love online press releases from PR NewsChannel too.

law firm marketing online press releases

When it comes to law firm marketing, online press releases from PR NewsChannel are raising the bar.


According to the The Rainmaker Institute, “Google loves press releases and we’ve been able to use that to get fantastic results. Google considers press releases to be an ‘authoritative source’ and ranks them high for search results.”

The Rainmaker Institute suggests there are lots of things to write about:

  • Commentary on current news events
  • Legal decisions that potentially affect your community
  • Results of a poll or a survey you conduct among clients
  • Firm news such as new associates, awards, community involvement

In short, press releases increase your law firm visibility in your community or wherever you want.

“Online press releases from PR NewsChannel are by far one of the smartest law firm marketing investments I made in a long time,” says Steve Smith, Esq. from the San Francisco Bay Area, who moved some of his bus bench advertising dollars into online press releases from PR NewsChannel.

Since that time, he has seen targeted leads increase and the money he’s spending decrease.

“Should my competitors become wise to this approach, and I hope they don’t, at least I have a six month head start!”

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