Robert Downey asked to help actor Steve Comisar after release from Club Fed

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Steve Comisar

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Steve Comisar has appeared as an actor in dozens of movies, TV shows and commercials. He is also a felon finishing a 15 year prison sentence for fraud.

Where does an actor go after serving 15 years? He goes to the other celebrity felons for help. After all, Comisar does share one thing in common with actors Robert Downey Jr, Mark Wahlberg, and Tim Allen. They all served time in prison, and they all seem willing to help him. In fact, none of the stars that were asked to help Comisar have said no.

Comisar says, “Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars did prison time. I’m very grateful that some of them have found it in their hearts to help me. Most actors come out of prison with a strong sense of compassion for others who suffered the same plight. These are the kind-hearted actors that will give me acting jobs in their movies. Now I can get a second chance.”

Comisar’s publicist, Nanci Ryder, says, “I’m getting a very positive response from the Hollywood A-list felons. They all seem to want to help Steve. He grew up with a lot of these stars like Bob Downey. Surprisingly, not even one celebrity that was asked to help Steve has declined.”

Comisar’s attorney, Jeremy Gordon, says, “I talked to an iconic actor who wishes to remain anonymous. He told me, ‘I put my actor friends in my films all the time. I can easily do the same for Steve. ‘I truly believe Steve is going to nail this.”

Comisar’s manager, Victor Kruglov, says, “Four of Robert Downey’s best films grossed over one billion dollars. If Bob says Steve is in the movie, Steve is in the movie. This is a win-win situation. The star gets the accolades for doing a good deed, and Steve gets a second chance.”

Retired ICM talent agent, Barry Freed, adds, “America loves the Steve Comisar story. The public is going to flock to any movie he’s in. The curiosity factor alone will boost domestic box office receipts. When Wesley Snipes got out of prison last year he immediately landed an NBC series. Everyone loves a good comeback.”

Comisar, now 53, grew up in Beverly Hills, California, with the original “Brat Pack” and has been acting since a very young age. He is scheduled to be released from prison in 2017.

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