Torrey Pines Institute to host an online fellowship program connecting university students with startup founders

The online fellowship program will connect students, startup founders and their stories starting July 20
(PR NewsChannel) / July 15, 2015 / SAN DIEGO  

TORRY PINES INSTITUTE LOGOS 03162015-02Torrey Pines Institute has announced an inaugural Student Fellowship program that connects college students from across the country who are interested in the earliest stage businesses with startup founders willing to share experiences and what they have learned. The inaugural Class of 2015 Student Fellowship is open to students, founders and community members who want to participate.

Those who apply and enroll in the Student Fellowship program have access to the Equalearning platform, which has been donated to the program.  Each week, new content will be added, including founders’ stories, information about startups, descriptions of what founders and startup team members encounter on their journey and challenges to provide experience in the types of issues startup founders address.

Torrey Pines Institute focuses on helping scalable startups, those most who can grow and hire exponentially with their success.  These companies typically deal with creating value, business models, operational setup, sales and marketing, product development and in some cases, investment.  These are some of the topics that will be addressed in the Student Fellowship program.

To participate, applicants can sign up before or throughout the four week program at

About Torrey Pines Institute
Torrey Pines Institute is a business institute started by experienced startup professionals focused on supporting the earliest stage startups in their growth.   As these scalable companies grow, they have significant impact on our economic health. Torrey Pines Institute researches issues related to scalable startups and works with selected startups in win/win scenarios to support their sales, engineering and corporate development growth plans.

About Equalearning
Equalearning is an online platform facilitating interaction between teachers, students, family members and administrators.  For use in or outside of the classroom, the platform provides secure and easy access via computers or tablets to content and tools to facilitate interaction and experiential learning.

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