Mother’s milk does a ‘mind’ good as researchers link breastfeeding to increased brain development

New clinical study demonstrates heightened intelligence levels later in life that is linked to breastfeeding duration as an infant
(PR NewsChannel) / February 28, 2013 / WEST BABYLON, N.Y. 

Delta LabsIn what is sure to reignite the debate on breastfeeding over formula feeding, a new study claims that breastfeeding leads to better brain development.

Researchers’ studies claim to have found a connection between the development of a child’s brain and the amount of time spent breastfeeding.

In an experiment involving over 17,000 infants aged from newborn to six and a half years old, scientists have concluded that prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding led to improved brain development.

A similar 2010 study in the journal, “Pediatrics,” found that babies who were primarily breast-fed for at least six months scored significantly higher academically than children who were not breast-fed, as well as infants who were breast-fed for less than six months.

Breast feeding has been long advocated by The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization as the first line of defense in preventing infections and allergies and protecting against a number of other chronic conditions.

Colostrum, the thick yellow breast milk produced during pregnancy and just after birth is rich in protein, minerals and antibodies, vital substances that are necessary for the good health and proper growth of a newborn baby.

Many women may find it necessary to take a supplement in order to maintain the high level of breast milk that will satisfy and nurture an infant.

These supplements, such as Delta Labs’ Postnatal Fat Burner, can also provide additional nutrients that help the mother maintain a healthy body in addition to providing ample amounts of breast milk.

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