Conservative attorney, lobbyist offers aid to Parkland shooting victims and families

Jack Burkman to provide legal help and political resources to help families have their voices heard “There’s no way to fix what’s been broken…My goal is to help them through it” says Burkman
(PR NewsChannel) / February 21, 2018 / WASHINGTON, DC 

After the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, D.C.-based lawyer and lobbyist, Jack Burkman, is offering free assistance to those impacted. Victims and their families will have access to free legal representation as well as assistance navigating complex political matters, ensuring their voices are heard.

“There’s no way to fix what has been broken by this unspeakable tragedy,” said Burkman. “Nothing could have prepared these people for what they’re experiencing now. My goal is to help them through it, whether in the courtroom or the maze of politics and ensure sure these budding activists speak to the right people.”

One week ago, the South Florida community was rocked by news of an active shooter situation in Parkland’s only public high school. A former student had entered the campus with a rifle and began firing on students.

In total, 17 students and teachers were killed, with much more in critical condition.

Following the tragic shooting, victims and families from Parkland, the 18th school shooting since the start of 2018, have taken the fight to Washington and demanding action.

Despite their efforts, the complexities of Washington politics can be difficult to overcome, especially while dealing with a tragedy to this magnitude. That’s especially true when many victims have even become the target of personal attacks and conspiracy theories, branding them as “crisis actors” and “political puppets.”

“Regardless of your political position, it’s only right to recognize that these children survived an attack the likes of which their critics would never have,” said Burkman. “To think people out there would take an offensive position against teenagers who want their voices heard is absolutely disgusting. They’ve experienced one of our country’s biggest threats firsthand, so the least we can do is open ourselves to their guidance on a solution.”

Jack Burkman is a D.C.-based lawyer and lobbyist. Frustrated by the slow turning wheels of political inaction, he aims to use his legal and political background to help where he can. He began in early 2017 by trying to find answers in the conspiracy-laden case of one prominent D.C. murder. Later efforts would span assisting victims of sexual assault in Hollywood and D.C. and seeking a whistleblower to end the White House’s battle with the U.S. intelligence committee.

“The young adults we see taking action after this tragedy get it. You don’t see political change by patiently waiting. I will find any way I can to help them overcome legal and political barriers standing in the way,” said Burkman.

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