Highly Respected Psychologist, Jill Gann Burlingame, PhD, will be Noted in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

(PR NewsChannel) / November 14, 2017 / Annapolis, Maryland 

The International Association of HealthCare Professionals is pleased to welcome Jill Gann Burlingame, PhD, Psychologist, to their prestigious organization with her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. Dr. Jill Gann Burlingame is a highly trained and qualified psychologist currently serving patients within Bay Area Behavioral Health in Annapolis, Maryland. Featuring over two decades of experience in her field, she has a special expertise in child and adolescent psychology.

Dr. Burlingame obtained her PhD in 1995 from the University of California. She also holds a Master of Education Degree, Master of Business Administration Degree, and Master’s Degree in American Studies, and is a National Certified Hypnotherapist. Dr. Burlingame has published two national norms career assessment instruments,The Vocational Implications of Personality (V.I.P), and the VIP Junior, and is also the author of over 32 journal articles. Furthermore, she is interested in incorporating complementary medicine in the use of physical and mental health, and established programs for staff and members of the community at large at the Anne Arundel Medical Center and the Columbia Health Center in 1997.

With a wealth of experience to call upon, Dr. Burlingame is renowned as an expert in child and adult counseling, and she is particularly noted as a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a distinguished member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and says that her success has been due to the cooperation of delightful patients and to the support of her professional colleagues. When she is not working, Dr. Burlingame enjoys writing and painting, restoring homes, and she is also an antique collector.

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http://www.bayareabehavioralhealth.net and be sure to read her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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SOURCE:  International Association of HealthCare Professionals

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