Invest in Nigeria: Summit in Lagos, new mentorship program highlights economic opportunities

Nigeria home to an abundance of natural resources, large labor force Economic experts believe that now is the time to for global planners and multinational companies to seize this financial opportunity and begin or renew their investment in Nigeria. 
(PR NewsChannel) / September 8, 2017 / LAGUS, Nigeria 

As Nigeria’s economy continues to grow, investment from multinational companies remains the cornerstone to unlocking the country’s potential future success. Nigeria, which is replete with natural resources and a large labor force, represents the pinnacle of a large-scale developing economy. Economic experts believe that now is the time for global planners and multinational companies to seize this financial opportunity and begin or renew their investment in Nigeria.

The push for these initiatives will be highlighted at the upcoming Global Property Partners Summit in Lagos Nigeria in October, says Franklin Ekechukwu, president/CEO of Franklin Rose Global Trade and Investment, LLC.

Franklin Ekechukwu, president/CEO of Franklin Rose Global Trade and Investment, LLC.

“This summit will feature a call to raise private sector funding for infrastructure development. Infrastructure development remains a critical area within Nigeria’s economic and political landscape,” says Ekechukwu. “Nigeria business leaders as well as government officials are confident that strong infrastructure and public works within Nigeria will spur significant economic growth and raise standards of living. Conversely, if infrastructure does not see a boon in investment, Nigerian citizens can expect diminished economic growth and limited business opportunities. Therefore, it is imperative that investors act quickly and revamp their efforts to upgrade infrastructure.”

The continent of Africa has enormous potential and if African investment opportunities are unlocked, its people and the world as whole will greatly benefit, according to Nigerian officials.

As Africa continues to rapidly develop, and its governments continue to enact far ranging reforms, investors are increasingly taking advantage of the various business opportunities that it presents. Much of this can be attributed to new-found geopolitical stability and widespread entrepreneurial opportunity. Therefore, experts say, global institutional investors can act as catalysts for Africa’s blooming industries. There is a growing need for revamped infrastructure because of an emerging middle class that is eager for and has the financial capability to purchase newly developed upscale property.

Safety of financial investments

Nigerian officials say financial investments in Africa will be matched with government regulations on public private partnerships that can reassure investors of fair practices. With strong civic intuitions and an independent court system to ensure valid contractual obligations are met, investors no longer have to worry about fraudulent business practices, a problem that previously had plagued the continent. Business disputes can now be adjudicated in a fair consistent and timely manner by an independent arbitrator.

A view is seen of the Nigeria stock exchange building in the central business district in Lagos April 10, 2013. (COURTESY:

The financial system has emerged as a reliable institution and is expected to attract foreign investments. These investments will have a substantial, long-term impact on Africa’s economic development, and the lives of its people, as well as the investors financial well-being of the investors. Promoting economic development is one of the most important, if not the most important tenets of transitioning the African economy from a developing economy to a developed economy.

Nigerian government mentorship program

In tandem with the aforementioned initiatives, the Nigerian government established a mentorship program during the term of the late President Y’aradua. In 2014, the Nigerian chief mentorship officer Mr. Chika Sylva-Olejeme With Franklin Ekechukwu, President/CEO of Franklin Rose global Trade and Investment, LLC established the Nigerian American Alliance on Mentorship (NAAM) under the initiative of U.S. Embassy for Peace, a 501(3) non-government organization, to promote and establish the Nigerian government mentorship program in United States of America.

The purpose of NAAM is to bring investors and businesses willing to invest and do business within Nigeria to sign and mentor Nigerian institutions. The idea behind it is to reduce radicalization of youths and create jobs. In return the mentorship office in Nigeria assists the businesses and investors in achieving their goals.

The Publicity Agency, a leading U.S. headquartered public relations and public affairs company, signed up to participate and start a mentorship program in which public relations experts and Nigerian civic leaders will collaborate to advise future leaders on all matters concerning public relations and public affairs.

“Good communications and public relations are essential to any institution looking to attract investors or other backers. The Publicity Agency looks forward to working with Nigeria to foster a robust, meaningful dialogue concerning what goes into developing these communication skills,” says Glenn Selig, founder of The Publicity Agency. Selig will keynote the conference at the Nigerian Embassy and is committed to broadening the scope of Nigeria’s public relations and communications efforts.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive breakdown of the intricacies of communications, as well as big-picture strategic planning.

The mentorship program is comprised of Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Nigeria and is coordinated by the Foreign Ministry when it involves foreign countries like the United States. For this reason, The Embassy of Nigeria in Washington, D.C. is directed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is coordinating the International Mentorship Agreements with relevant Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs) and all Mentorship Companies (MEC) with its flagship in six (6) Nigerian Missions abroad for Mentor Partnership Agreement (MPSA).

The Embassy of Nigeria in Washington is there to help facilitate contacts with the UNESCO and prospective mentor institutions and companies in the U.S.

Investors and businesses, to participate in the mentorship program, or for more information, contact the Director of Nigerian American Alliance on Mentorship (NAAM): Franklin Ekechukwu, [email protected] or 202-710-4069 or the Economic Section of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, D.C. 

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