Marketing expert Ron Pousson on why small businesses need online advertising

Ron Pousson discusses lessons he’s learned throughout his 15 years in the industry
(PR NewsChannel) / September 17, 2016 / PHILADELPHIA 

Ron Pousson on small businesses and online advertisingIt’s 2016 and far too many small businesses are still afraid of advertising online. Viewing advertising as a bill to pay each month rather than an investment, many business owners have fallen into the same trap… a trap that can lead to stagnant growth and profits.

One marketing expert is trying to change that.

“Every small business would like new customers, and online advertising is a tremendous way to bring them into the fold,” says Ron Pousson, a 15-year industry vet. “When someone is ready to buy a product or service one of the first places they look is in a Google search, either on their computer or smart phone. If your business doesn’t show in the results you are losing customers and money.”

With that in mind, Pousson recommends several ways for small businesses to get noticed online at no cost.

Business owners can claim their business on Google Places, set up corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts and utilize on-line directories such as, Superpages, Yelp, Yext and City Search to claim a listing… all of which are free.

“Facebook and Twitter are the new ‘Word of Mouth,’” says Pousson. “Ask all of your friends and customers to like your business page and retweet your company info. It definitely helps.”

To drive better on-line results, a small business can also run a Search Engine Marketing campaign (Pay Per Click) or utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. However, because both of the aforementioned methods cost money, it’s imperative that a business view them as investments. In many cases the success of online marketing efforts will far outweigh the costs when executed correctly.

“For any small business it is important that they are found when potential customers are searching online, because if you’re not found, then you can’t be chosen,” says Ron Pousson. “There are millions of searches for products and services every day. These searches are done by people that have money to spend and are looking online for where to spend it. By not spending the money to advertise online, your company is actually losing money.”

A proven industry veteran, Ron Pousson is a manager and trainer for SEO, SEM online and print advertising. He has extensive experience in launching new products and expanding products into new markets.

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