Date set! Trump to meet May 13 with group of D.C. lobbyists and government contractors to discuss fundraising

Top lobbyist assembles delegation to meet with Donald Trump to 'build bridges' with the GOP front runner More than $4-billion in lobbying fees could be lost A meeting is set for May 13th.
(PR NewsChannel) / April 15, 2016 / WASHINGTON D.C. 

K Street LobbyingSeismic panic that ensued on K Street as lobbying firms braced for the reality of a possible Donald Trump presidency and what that might mean for them and their futures, has now led to the scheduling of a high level meeting between top D.C. lobbyists and GOP front runner Donald Trump, the candidate who once described himself as the consummate outsider.

Top D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman said today that on May 13 he and his delegation of lobbyists and government contractors will meet with the New York billionaire to discuss fundraising for Trump in the general election.

“We need the act now and come together as Republicans. Trump is determined to win. We want him to win with us or he will bring in a whole new team made up exclusively of New Yorkers, effectively ending our grip on the White House and The Capitol which will bring about the end of life as we know it here,” says Burkman, who represents a diverse mix of national and multi-national clients, has been named a Top Lobbyist by The Hill, and is leading the delegation of lobbyists and contractors in this effort.

The meeting may be a smart move for both lobbyists worried about their futures and Trump who if he wins the Republican nomination may be reticent about spending a billion dollars of his personal fortune to win and who may be unwilling to liquidate assets to do so.

It’s the latest sign of a pivoting Trump, who is moving more mainstream.

Earlier this month, the Trump campaign hired veteran GOP political operative Paul Manafort to oversee the campaign’s delegate accumulation operation. And now, Trump is set to meet with lobbyists who say they want to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for his general election campaign.

“More than $4 billion in lobbying business could be lost overnight should Donald Trump become president,” says Burkman. “Decades of relationship-building in politics could be lost. And make no mistake every lobbyist in the town is worried.”

Burkman says he and his fellow lobbyist delegation will try to work a deal with the king of dealmakers.

“Asking him to accept mass contributions in the general is order number one. It is critical to our survival as lobbyists. We must also make him understand that the Capitol city simply cannot be run without us. We, in fact, make things happen.”

Should Trump win the GOP nomination, Burkman says he expects shakeup to begin well before Election Day because of what it will mean for the down ticket Congressional races.

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