Japanese YouTube channel ‘Prank Pirates,’ inspired by a popular American YouTube channel, takes East Asia by storm!

Launched November 13, the latest video takes place in YouTube Space Tokyo Online
(PR NewsChannel) / December 1, 2015 / TOKYO 

Breaker IncWith the social experiment genre seeing increased popularity on YouTube recently, perhaps no subset of videos have been as popular as scare pranks. Scare pranks, the act of scaring people through pranks and capturing their reactions on video, has seen its viewership soar primarily due to the popularity of such famous YouTube channels as DM Prank and their famous “Killer Clown” series, among other broadcasters.

Not to be outdone, similar channels have begun popping up in East Asian countries such as Korea and Taiwan over the last few years. In Japan, however, the majority of popular YouTube channels have centered around product introductions and video game reviews produced by independent YouTubers… until now.

Hoping to break into the YouTube market through content that amasses popularity starting with North America, the Japanese production company BREAKER opened its very own scare prank channel, “PRANK PIRATES”, in August of 2015.

The channel’s combination of unique characters and horror atmosphere recalls J-Horror hits “The Ring” and “The Grudge” and has gained a significant following in a short period of time, with users in Japan and other Asian countries commenting on its style of “never-before seen horror.”

For the channel’s latest prank, in an effort to export its brand of scare prank horror around the world, the PRANK PIRATES will involve their community in full by pranking popular YouTubers in YouTube Space Tokyo, including 40 famous YouTubers such as Dekakin, Kumimaki, Kobasoro, Tanoshingo, and Thane Camus!. Titled “Prank on YouTuber in YouTube Space Tokyo”, this latest video aims to showcase their work throughout the world using the universal language of fear.

Prank on YouTuber in YouTube Space Tokyo – https://youtu.be/5pjKlEsA1Uw

Since its inception in August of 2015, the Japanese YouTube channel “PRANK PIRATES” has slowly been making waves in the U.S., Mexico, England, Korea, and Taiwan. The only thing that’s known about the people behind this channel is that they’re a Japanese group who perform all their pranks under the moniker PRANK PIRATES. However, while little is known about the producers, the channel itself has been gaining popularity, thanks to the limitlessness of the videos’ insanity and creativity, not to mention the out-of-this-world characters they’ve invented.

Prank Pirates Videos:

    • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-atGlxCke3Wktds7wooNQY0e6nktdrd5
    • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-atGlxCke3VuqkxXc2sJb8IPNVcdR9rw
    • https://youtu.be/at_U0qHQhw8
    • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-atGlxCke3UhpgLO2lMCMd63rNs1a3Jx

For more information on Prank Pirates, visit: https://www.youtube.com/PRANKPIRATES

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