Former Sen. Joe Lieberman criticizes President Obama for lack of decisive leadership in Syrian crisis (VIDEO)

Appearing on CNN’s PIERS MORGAN LIVE, the honorary co-chair for the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security said the U.S. should have attacked Syria instead of punting to Congress
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(PR NewsChannel) / September 10, 2013 / WASHINGTON 

Bipartisan Coalition for American SecurityJust hours after Secretary of State John Kerry made a forceful argument before a Congressional panel for U.S. intervention in Syria, President Obama should have ordered the attack instead of punting to Congress, according to retired Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), the current honorary co-chair for the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security (BCAS).

Lieberman appeared last night on CNN’s PIERS MORGAN LIVE and said the President demonstrated poor leadership with that decision a few days ago and took extraordinary and unnecessary risks.

“If the President came out on Saturday and instead of saying I’m sending it to Congress he said what we were expecting: I ordered an attack against Syria, limited and decisive, I think today public opinion would be very positive about what had happened,” Sen. Lieberman told Piers Morgan. “That’s what happens when there’s leadership and I think the President took a large risk for himself and for our country by throwing this action to Congress when he himself argued, and I think he’s absolutely right, he has the legal authority without Congressional authorization to take exactly the type of action he has argued is necessary.”

(Watch Joe Lieberman on CNN PIERS MORGAN LIVE:

A procedural vote was scheduled in the Senate on Monday of this week, but has been delayed after an 11th hour proposal from Russia whereby Syria would avoid a U.S. attack if it gave up control of its chemical weapons.

Just hours ago, Syria reportedly agreed to the Russian plan and France announced plans to submit a resolution to the United Nations to make it happen.

On the CNN program, Lieberman, a one-time Vice President Candidate and former Homeland Security Committee chairman, argued that the U.S. backing down now would show weakness and could cause more harm in the long term.

“This is a real threat and if we turn away from it, our allies are going to be shaken, our enemies are going to be emboldened and inevitably we’re going to be drawn into a much larger conflict later on that will cost us more in lives,” Lieberman said.

Perhaps best known as the Democratic candidate for Vice President in 2000, Senator Lieberman has established himself as a national leader—one who works across party lines to find common ground; a person who speaks his conscience and who gets things done for the good of all people in America.

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