Biggest Conspiracy in the History of India Masterminded by a Corrupt Cabinet Minister of Rajasthan (Cooperative Minister Ajay Singh Kilak) in order to save himself being exposed as he is the Mastermind of Organized Crime Syndicate he has done Cooperative Scam worth 50,000 Crores (Cooperative Banks Illegal Administrator Appointment Scam to Siphon Off 9000 Crores, Credit Societies Scam, Housing Cooperative Societies Scam, Saras Dairy Scam, District and State Cooperative Banks Scam)

Biggest Conspiracy in the History of India Masterminded by a Cabinet Minister of Rajasthan (Cooperative Minister Ajay Singh Kilak), CBI, SOG,E.D., Local Police, Income Tax Dept, Cooperative Ministry, Magistrates And Judges of the District Courts and The High Court of Rajasthan all are Part of the Conspiracy against the Joshi Family Controllers of Alwar Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd because they won a case at the high court against the Minister’s Cooperative Ministry And minister lost control over 9000 Crores worth of Cooperative Banks in the state of Rajasthan
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A Cooperative Minister in the Rajasthan Cabinet Ajay Singh Kilak has Masterminded a Criminal Conspiracy against the Joshi Family Controllers of Alwar Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd to Control 400 Crores worth of Assets of the Bank along with 2 Crores worth of Daily Business Turnover.

Minister Demanded Crores of Rupees as an Protection Money And wanted to put his men in the board of Alwar Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd. The Controllers of the Bank Denied giving that he overnight Appointed Administrator on the Bank In order to control the Bank.

The Controllers JoshI Family knew the Interest of the Minister they went to the Hon’ble High Court of Rajasthan and Took a Stay against the appointment of the administrator later on December 8th got a Judgment from the High Court in the favour of the Joshi Family and on December 19th CBI came to the office and residence of the Joshi Family with a Search Warrant and took Away Mridul Joshi (Chairman – Alwar Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd ) ,  Ashok Joshi (Director – Alwar Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd ) and Took away the Brother of Mriduel (Mr Abhishek JoshI – Chairman of Sanmitra Cooperative Bank Mumbai and Chairman Emeritus Dhanvarsha Group) who has nothing to do with the bank.

On the 18th the Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria had ordered to Transfer the Case to CID (CB)  On receiving this Information Minister Ajay Singh Kilak misused his Office and his powers and his close relationship with the Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje And Sent CBI on the 19th December 2016.

This Minister is controlling all the Agencies in the State he has used CBI Jaipur, SOG Jaipur, Enforcement Directorate Jaipur, Intelligence Bureau Jaipur, Local Police, and Income Tax Department Jaipur & Alwar to Put the JoshI Family behind the Bars.

On 19th December 2016 Night they were taken to Jaipur CBI Office without any Notice U/S 160 crpc And Illegally kept them in a room in the CBI Office Jaipur.

Then they were left over in the evening and then were told To leave the office of CBI and Then Abhishek was called back after 20 minutes to come and answer some questions in front of the Managing Director of the Bank. Abhishek Joshi in order to Cooperate with the Investigation he was told to leave the office of CBI after half an hour. The Moment he stepped out of the Office of CBI JAIPUR, He saw Additional SP Lalit Sharma pf SOG waiting in civil dress and then he pushed abhishek joshi in his car where over 12 People were there beating Abhishek to the greatest hell and took him away to the SOG Jaipur and Simultaneously arrested ASHOK Joshi and Mriduel Joshi from Jaipur Airport and brought them to the SOG office Jaipur and kept them along with the Former Chairman Om Prakash Saini and CEO Mahesh Mudgal In SOG.

They Kept Abhishek Joshi for 15 days in Police Custody and used 3rd Degree and all sorts of Pressure Tactics and Used Fibre Fattas hundreds of times and got blank papers signed from him and registered a false case and SOG did several press conferences to Publicly Tarnish the Reputation of the Joshi’s IN order to prove that they have arrested frauds And This is how they managed to use Media Power to Prove a Legitimate Business Family to the so called Frauds for Embezzling Rs. 16 Crores Now it’s been 14 Months Chargesheet is filed with over 3000+ Pages and till date not a single Document proves any Under Sections Assigned IN the FIR despite of the Forensic Report clearly stating that the JoshI Family’s signatures do not match anywhere.

The Minister has used all his powers to control the Judicial System and the Law Enforcement System of the State to put the JOSHI’s IN jail and 87 Witnesses are there in the case and imagine the first witness has not completed his chief and cross Even in 5 months imagine how long will the Trial Take with 87 witnesses where 98% of the witnesses are Police Officers.

On the 19th November 2016 they had the information that the cars of the Bank would leave with 2.14 Crores in cash since no Chest branches were depositing old currency so at Kishangarh Bas SHO Surinder Singh Intercepted the Cars of the Director And Personal Staff Who were taking the cash of the Bank to Delhi To deposit the cash in SBI Parliament Street Branch since Alwar District Branch had 500 Crores Cash and SBBJ had over 100 crores cash so they had stopped taking New cash deposits and the State Federation And National Federation of Urban Cooperative Banks had been working closely with RBI to deposit this cash infact several letters were sent and articles had been printed in the newspaper appraising the situation of the Cooperative Banks in the state.

Several Documents related to the situation of cash deposits is on record with me and During the Interception of 2.14 Crores Surinder Singh SHO Kishangarh Bas had siphoned off 82 Lakhs And has shown hardly 1.32 crores in record and no seizure memo was given by him and he had already siphoned off all the money and given the cut to his senior SP of Alwar Rahul Prakash along with his other police officers.

When ASHOK Joshi called the Branch Manager Deepak Kumar to bring the papers in reference to the Cash carried by them to prove the source and purpose. The SP Immediately Sent his staff to arrest Deepak Kumar Tatwa Branch Manager IN order to stop him from bringing the Documents related to the Cash and therefore arrested him by registering a false FIR And all he had with him was 90 Chequebooks with Security Cheques Against Loans given to the public, 16 Chequebooks of Nodal Accounts of the Bank held in various banks and where Deepak Kumar Tatwa was the Authorized Signatory of the Bank to sign these cheques in daily basis for running of the day to day operations of the Bank, 235 Photographs of Customers who had been opening bank accounts at the bank during the demonetization days in the bank, 31 SimCards of Aircel To be given to the staff of the Bank, All the Keys of the Cash Vault & All the Keys of the Bank which were illegally handed over to MAHESH Mudgal (CEO) who then on the 20th November 2016 went to the bank and siphoned off Rs. 49 Lakhs from the bank’s cash vault and forged the Cash Book therefore used that money to Bribe the police officials and used the local media to tarnish the image Of the JoshI Family.

MAHESH MUDGAL (CEO) And OM PRAKASH SAINI (FORMER CHAIRMAN) of the Bank had sold the control of the Bank for a Crore and another 91 Lakhs to be infused IN the NPA Accounts according to the deal they had given Raised Deposits from Public of Rs. 1 Crore around 30 years ago and they bought over 142 Benami Properties under the Benami Names and once the legal procedure of the Co-Option of Directors was complete in a few board meetings the new board of the Joshi Family got to know that the former board has concealed several facts and the NPA of the Bank was much Higher than what they had shown And the reality was all the staff of the Bank were close family friends and relatives of the Former Board so they all were the accomplices In concealing the facts from the Reserve Bank Of India and filed Forged Balancesheets And Audit Reports for 30 years and Today the value of these 142 Properties in Alwar which are pending to be attached and are worth over 400 crores in today’s market value and then when the JoshI Family realised they were cheated they got to know that it was a scan and they got to know that Principle amount was Rs. 91 Lakhs plus Interest of Rs.5 Crores so the total NPA came to Us. 5.91 Crores then the Joshi Family Deposited this Cash in the NPA Accounts in orders to pay all the NPA Dues IN order to run the bank with full compliance with RBI Norms and as per the Banking Regulations Act. 1949 after which the NPA of the Bank came down to just 3% From a massive 17.5 % then with Massive Marketing the Joshi Family ran the Bank and The Bank started getting potential growth in the business and Daily Revenue of the Bank went to the tune of Rs. 2 Crores Per Day which would have been Rs. 720 Crores Annually since the JoshI Family was experienced in Running a bank while controlling Sanmitra Cooperative Bank Ltd including Mumbai for 3 years and the family made the bank flourish. Now the moment Former Chairman Om Prakash Saini and CEO Mahesh Mudgal got to know that the NPA has come drastically down then Saini and MUDGAL IN Connivance with the Cooperative Minister started the procedure of Appointing a administrator so that after the term of 1 year maximum elections of the Bank should be announced so that they can get the bank back by way of elections and somehow disqualify the new board of the Joshi Family. While they had planned to appoint the administrator the New Board took a stay from the High Court of Jaipur and then again JoshI Family retained its control on the Bank. Thereafter during the Demonitization they planned a major conspiracy with the Minister Ajay Singh Kilak To take over the bank by putting the Joshi Family IN a fix by putting them behind the bars in a fake case during demonetization And they were successful to do so and they had given the information to the SP And several other police officers to Intercept the Cash and they had not known that the Joshi Family has the evidence of the Cash given to Om Prakash Saini and Mahesh Mudgal while taking the bank.

After that FIR Was lodged by ASI Banwari Lal is hampered the operations of the Bank and It has put the future of 8000+ families in a fix with their savings stuck in the bank by an order of U/S 35A of the Banking Regulations Act 1949. The Public Money was Immediately blocked by the RBI Considering the safety of the Depositors and Considering that the Controllers of the Bank The JoshI Family were arrested and Incarcerated in jail so nobody could run the bank and understanding the complexity of politics involved in the matter if blocked all its funds and allowed only Rs. 1,000/- worth of Withdrawal. The Bank has a Insurance of DCIGC for over Rs. 25.77 Crores and Properties over 400 crores which can be recovered by way of attaching them with orders from the court. The Former Board doesn’t let’s that happen since they are enjoying those properties and do not want them to be attached to the bank.

This whole Case is of Accounting Fraud by the Former Board and Embezzlement by them not by the New Board and the New Board JoshI Family have worked in the interest of the Bank and it’s depositors by putting their own money at stake and today they are alleged to embezzlement of Rs. 16 Crores without any documentary Evidence and No entries showing a Penny gone to the Joshi Family.

The Rajasthan’s Judicial System has no Highly Experienced Judges to Understand the law and No FIR could be lodged without the orders of the RBI.

How can any Police Officer put hard earned money of 8000+ Depositors of the Bank In a god by putting the Board of the Bank and The staff in jail without even letting RBI Intervene.

Now from the last 10 months the bank is being ran by the Administrator Bhoma Ram

Who is the closest aide of the Cooperative Minister Ajay Singh Kilak And is also the Managing Director of Alwar Central Cooperative Bank (District Cooperative Bank owned by the Government) he has hardly paid 65 Lakhs IN 10 months to 8000 People and Also is Not sending Monthly RBI Reports to the RBI and is also not producing the RBI Inspection Reports and the Audit Reports of the Bank for the Year 2016-17 And 2017-18 which is a Statutory Responsibility to file the same.

He is not filing It since he knows that the day he files that he will be at stake for concealing facts and No Embezzlement of Rs. 16 Crores has been done and he will go behind the bars for not filing the Audit Reports and for Accounting Fraud.

This minister is controlling the complete judiciary of the State. The Joshi Family IN not getting any justice and are suffering in jail for over 13 months and No Bail is being granted despite of Numerous Ground Of Bail putting their mother in a fix who has not even met her husband and Son’s for the last 13 Months.

Justice is awaited And Hope the Judges at the Supreme Court Understand the Reality of this matter and Do Justice to the Joshi Family.

The Courts are Violating the Article 21 of the Constitution of India by not giving them bail and this is a major question on existence of Human Rights in Rajasthan and Justice IN Rajasthan. This is an example of Non Existence of Democracy and Absolute Existence of Monarchy And Question on the safety of Human rights and Fundamental Rights of the Citizens of India.

When they can do this to the young talent of the country then Future of India is at stake until Coercive action is taken against this minister.

Recently the Government Of Rajasthan has lost the Recent Bye Polls in Alwar,Ajmer And Mandalgarh. If this is how the government will give Liberty to their ministers then it is very clearly forecasted that the Government ran by the Ruling Party will loose elections in the next Legislative Assembly Elections.

Corrective Measures should be taken to ensure that no such families are made Victims of Politicians like the Joshi Family.

India needs to wake up and Work on empowering Its Human rights and Implementation of its Fundamental rights and Implementation of the Orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

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