Tampa Bay Managed IT Provider Provides Disaster Recovery for Clients

After Hurricane Irma, Infotect's customers were up and running by week's end
(PR NewsChannel) / October 27, 2017 / Tampa, Fla. 

This time it happened.

Creating disaster recovery plans for the worst-case scenario should be commonplace in Florida, but often in businesses they are not. One Tampa Bay managed IT provider did just that for its clients. “We never know when a disaster is going to strike, but this year it did,” says Infotect Design Solutions President, Steve Williams.  “With nearly 7 million people and businesses without power, Hurricane Irma was one of the most powerful storms that Florida has ever seen. But with excellent communication and proper planning, all our customers were up and running by the end of the week,” recalls Williams.

How did they manage it? Every year, Infotect Design Solutions provide their clients with extensive knowledge of how to plan and recover from a disaster. From their annual Hurricane Preparedness webinar to a client-wide Q & A conference call, they ensure that their customers are confident in their disaster recovery plans from beginning to end.

“And because we are constantly trying to improve, we polled our customers to see how well they felt their businesses were prepared for the storm and how well their disaster recovery plan was implemented,” said Williams.

The results were outstanding. Nearly all clients had a solid disaster recovery plan in place and had educated their staff accordingly because good communication of these plans is vital in the preparation of disasters. Through proper planning and recovery, Infotect clients could return to normality quicker than most.

Williams said, “100% of our clients received multiple forms of communication from us both in preparation and in recovery. They agreed that the efforts provided by Infotect before and after the storm made the difference in how successful their plan was.”

In the face of possible destruction, it is easy to forget that we need to have a plan to protect our businesses and technology as much as our homes. After the storm it is always easier to see what could’ve been done differently and how well our plans were executed. As a leading managed IT provider in Tampa Bay, Infotect strives to be proactive when it comes to disaster recovery, by ensuring that customers are confident in their disaster recovery plans and prepared for anything.

*For more information on Infotect Design, a Tampa Bay managed IT provider, contact them at 813-630-2400.

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