How Rivers State, Nigeria became primed for opportunity

Under the stewardship of Gov. Ezenwo Wike, Rivers State is now the second wealthiest state in the country of Nigeria Rivers State, also known simply as Rivers, is one of the 36 states of Nigeria.
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Rivers State, Nigeria is led by Gov. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike.

Nicknamed “the treasure base of the nation,” Rivers State in Nigeria has recently experienced a panoply of internal improvements.

Under the stewardship of its current governor, Ezenwo Wike, Rivers State has become the second wealthiest state in the country of Nigeria, an impressive feat relative to the lackluster condition it was in during the prior administration of Rotimi Amaechi.

Amaechi’s term was marred widespread economic stagnation and a spike in business activity, a stark contrast to the prosperity emblematic of Wike’s term as governor.

Rivers State Nigeria infrastructure success – priming the state for opportunity

Wike’s resounding success can be attributed in large part to his bold infrastructure initiative, which has facilitated improved transportation and fueled an unprecedented boom in business within Rivers State.

“Governor Wike’s efforts to improve Rivers State’s roads and buildings have had a remarkable effect on both transportation and economic growth. Rivers State now stands out within Nigeria as a beacon of financial opportunity, and its residents’ increasingly high quality of life has further drawn the interest of domestic and foreign investors alike,” according to Stephen Benstowe, a New Jersey resident and leader of Bonny/Rivers State Community in the United States,

He adds Rivers State’s newly revamped network of highways has rendered it an integral component of Nigeria’s dynamic economy and rapid development.

Rivers State Nigeria Pension Reform – Giving Optimism To Public Institutions
Gov. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike of Rivers State (Photo courtesy: Abacity blog)

Gov. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike of Rivers State (Photo courtesy: Abacity blog)

Another factor underscoring Governor Wike’s appeal is his unwavering commitment to comprehensive civil service reform.

Wike has taken several crucial steps to ensure civil servants and pensioners in his state receive their monthly salaries and the payments they are owed in a timely and consistent manner.

Wike’s success in this area has been an enormous boon to Rivers State’s political and bureaucratic culture, as state employees have additional incentive and motivation now. Rivers State is now managed more efficiently, its citizens are more content, and its public policy goals are achieved more quickly. Moreover, there is less waste, fraud, and abuse, which in turn renews civic confidence in government to new levels.

Governmental transparency in Rivers State Nigeria – returning faith in public institutions

Governor Wike has made significant progress in reaffirming the principles of democracy throughout Rivers State.

From the outset of his term, Wike has made adhering to and strengthening the rule of law a priority. Wike has demonstrated a commitment to his duty as the executive branch of power — he has done all he can to take care that the laws of Rivers State be faithfully carried out. Accordingly, his tenure has seen a return of law and order, as well as much-needed transparency and accountability within the government.

These accomplishments were by no means small tasks, but Wike nonetheless achieved them by orchestrating a series of bold reforms designed to return as much power to the people as possible.

United States relations with Rivers State Nigeria – a partnership with many ventures

Governor Wike’s efforts have attracted the attention of Nigerians in diaspora and friends of Nigerians across United States of America.

According to Franklin Ekechukwu, the former regional director of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization in Americas (NIDOA) and current President/CEO of FranklinRose Global Trade and Investment LLC, and Executive Director of Diaspora Campaign Network, a relationship with the United States will help ensure increased understanding and commercial activity between the two parties.

“From the fact that most IOCs [International Oil Companies] are headquartered in the U.S., Governor Wike’s push for expanded free and fair trade with the United States will be a welcomed change, which is a goal shared by President Donald Trump,” says Ekechukwu. “We look forward to Governor Wike continuing these efforts, most especially now that the US EXIM bank Board is fully constituted, a shared common goal with President Trump, who, like Governor Wike, is a bold reformer.”

In addition to trade, Governor Wike has committed to making security of the state a priority, which in turn helps the federal government of Nigeria increase its revenue.

All these efforts are encouraging to average United States investors and investment interests in Rivers State, another goal shared by President Trump’s desire.

“Wike and Rivers State are working towards the facilitation and support of economic agreements with the United States in the realm of oil and gas, the Rivers State also looks forward to furthering these relations with the United States by forming new agreements,” says Stephen Benstowe.

Ex-Im Bank Rivers State Nigeria – Opportunity For A Greater Nigeria

While Governor Wike’s aforementioned successes in infrastructure, pension and security reform have had an enormous positive effect on the citizens of Rivers State, as well as those who do business with them, Wike is always looking to do more for his people and continue them down the path to long-term prosperity.

Thus, “we urge Governor Wike to explore establishing a relationship with the United States’ Export-Import Bank, as we are confident that doing so would speed up the pace of progress with regard to his reforms by crowding investments with state resources,” says Franklin Ekechukwu. “Without such support, Rivers State may fall into a state of economic stagnation and decline as public works project are neglected with the lack of business ventures and proper capital. Moreover, the Export-Import Bank could provide the type of economic tools to facilitate an enormous business progress in Rivers State, which would benefit its citizens and the American companies who do business with them alike.”

The opportunity is enormous for Rivers State and Nigeria in general if the right people are in the right places. Tomorrow is brighter for the United States and Nigeria.

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