Dalia Dippolito, attorneys won’t seek Change of Venue for third trial; express faith in citizens of Palm Beach County

(PR NewsChannel) / January 10, 2017 / W. PALM BEACH, Fla. 

Despite prosecutors indicating they would support moving the upcoming Dalia Dippolito trial out of the area, Ms. Dippolito and her attorneys have faith that, similar to the last trial, a fair and impartial Palm Beach County jury can be empaneled in the upcoming retrial.

“Judge [Glenn] Kelley did an exceptional job of vetting potentially biased jurors in the last trial to ensure that Ms. Dippolito had the case heard before an unbiased cross section of Palm Beach County jurors,” says defense attorney Brian Claypool. “Co-counsel Greg Rosenfeld and I trust that Judge Kelley will do the same in the third trial. Ms. Dippolito has faith in the people of Palm Beach County.”

Ms. Dippolito has been on house arrest for nearly eight years. Her first trial verdict was overturned. Her second trial last month ended in a mistrial. The jury was split at 3-3 and the two alternate jurors would have voted to acquit Ms. Dippolito.

“The majority of jurors sided with Dalia. Many of them felt so strongly about police misconduct in her case, they went public with their stories,” adds Claypool. “In the weeks since the trial we’ve had calls, emails and letters from members of the community expressing their support for Dalia. Many of them are questioning why prosecutors continue to come after her.”

Claypool and Rosenfeld have both received an outpouring of support, particularly from those who reference they understand the context of the videos, the extent to which Boynton Beach P.D. broke the rules for the ‘COPS’ tv show, and the fact that BBPD posted various tapes on social media.

“The people of Palm Beach County deserve a voice in determining Ms. Dippolito’s innocence.  Despite the State’s recent inability to secure a conviction and the exorbitant amount of tax dollars spent on this case, the State is insisting on moving forward.  We believe that having this case heard in Palm Beach County will prevent more wasted tax dollars,” adds Rosenfeld.

For information about Dalia Dippolito and the case, please visit https://goo.gl/BxkfKR.


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SOURCE:  Dalia Dippolito Defense Team

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