Sen. Dick Durbin apparently reverses position on Kuwait terror funding under appearance of foreign leaders and global lobbyists

(PR NewsChannel) / December 1, 2016 / WASHINGTON 
Sen. Dick Durbin apparently reverses position on holding hearings on Kuwait Finance House and alleged ties to funding terror.

Sen. Dick Durbin apparently reverses his position on holding hearings on Kuwait Finance House and alleged ties to funding terror.

In what appears to be a reversal of positions, the second most powerful democrat in the U.S. Senate, Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), says he will not hold hearings to investigate two key banking institutions in Kuwait and whether they have helped fund terrorism.

Sources within Mr. Durbin’s office told the grassroots group “United Against Terror” that as the ranking democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee and the founding Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law, Mr. Durbin would call for hearings to investigate the matter.

However, according to a report in the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, “A spokesman at Senator Durbin’s office flatly denied the report. United Against Terror maintains that a well-placed source was quite clear about the forthcoming hearings.”For whatever reason Senator Durbin changed his position,” says a spokesman with the group.

What was most disturbing was the intense flood of pressure received by PR News Channel from global lobbyists and PR professionals seeking to squash the story. We have referred to investigative journalists why global lobbyists would contact a news syndicator.

In a more disturbing show of events, the President of Turkey came out against the press release during the Thanksgiving week.

The press release from United Against Terror was published on PR NewsChannel, which confirms that international public relations firms representing the banks claimed the information was false and asked that the press release be removed. One of the foreign public relations firms claimed to be working in cooperation with Sen. Durbin’s office, but no one from the senator’s office contacted the press release newswire, the newswire adds.

Daily Sabah references an ongoing civil lawsuit in California against Kuwait Finance House and its alleged subsidiary in Turkey, the Kuveyt-Turk Participation Bank, over allegations that the banks funded terror groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS). “The lawsuit was filed last summer by St. Francis Assisi, an association established by the plaintiff’s lawyer Mogeeb Weiss one week prior to the submission of the complaint, allegedly representing the relatives of Assyrian Christians who suffered at the hands of Daesh in Syria and Iraq,” according to the paper.

The banks say the allegations are false, the paper reported.

United Against Terror is a grassroots group reluctant to reveal who they are or their members for fear of retaliation. The group says it’s a movement of Christians and Jews who oppose ISIS who are trying to bring attention to the slaughter of Christian refugees from Syria and the people and businesses that are funding it,

The beheadings of Christians and the genocide of Christians in Syria has become public enemy number one for a former New York mob boss who found God and has pledged to unify churches around the world to stop the killings.

“This is a humanitarian crisis, the likes of which the world has not seen since the Jews in the Holocaust and from the Stalin era. It’s an atrocity that must be stopped and I will do everything I can to fight against it,” Michael Franzese has said. He recently requested and was denied a meeting with Senator Durbin.

One of the largest and most influential TV stations opted, however, to dedicate a film crew to him and interview him live on air.

Franzise noted, “I always admired Senator Durbin and his personal story how his mother’s family struggled to escape the Stalin era from Lithuania, a country that endured a mass genocide of the Lithuanian Jews.  I will be asking our fellow believers to reach out to Senator Durbin and to pray he has a change of heart.”

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SOURCE:  United Against Terror

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