Lobbyist, radio talk show host Jack Burkman calls out Trump campaign manager and fellow lobbyist Paul Manafort over connections to Russia

Burkman says there's no doubt Manafort would have the connections to order a hit on the DNC.
(PR NewsChannel) / July 27, 2016 / Washington D.C.  

As Donald Trump urged Russia to commit espionage and find Hillary Clinton’s “missing” 30,000 emails, GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman says there’s no doubt that Paul Manafort, a fellow lobbyist-turned-chairman-of-the-Donald-Trump-for-President campaign, has the wherewithal to mastermind the recent email hack that broke on opening day of the Democratic National Convention, allegedly perpetrated by the Russians.

Burkman knows Manafort and is familiar with his international lobbying firm. Manafort has for years done work in Ukraine, part of the former Soviet Union. Manafort represented a Ukrainian billionaire who was a supporter of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s former prime minister who would later flee under escort to Russia.

On his weekly syndicated radio show Behind the Curtain simulcast on Newsmax TV, Burkman gives the public a peek into Washington and how things really work. And he says it’s obvious what’s going on here.

Though Trump today denied any relationship with Putin, Burkman says, based on his own experience and knowledge of working with foreign companies and countries, there’s no doubt that Trump’s campaign chairman has the connections to get Russia to do the dirty work and pull off an email hack.

“This doesn’t pass the smell test. This is rotten,” says Burkman. “Paul Manafort has lobbied for pro-Russian interests for years in Ukraine and elsewhere. He has the connections. Now Trump calls for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails? This campaign is out of control.

“I am embarrassed as a Republican that Trump would turn to Putin to violate America’s sovereignty. And if Manafort is involved he should be arrested.”

For a short time, Burkman supported Trump and his campaign for president until he saw the dark and bullying tendencies of the Trump campaign. Then he became an active and ardent supporter of the #NeverTrump movement, raising upwards of $500-thousand earlier this month for the cause.

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