D.C. lobbyist to ‘lobby’ GOP delegates for anti-Trump convention coup; challenges other lobbyists to do same

The two-pronged strategy will also include coalescing ‘never Trump’ groups.
(PR NewsChannel) / July 13, 2016 / CLEVELAND, Ohio 

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Fresh from holding a high profile fundraiser for the Free the Delegates movement which hauled in more than $500,000 last Friday night, Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman says he and his lobbying team will now donate their time to lobby delegates in Cleveland in his never-ending effort to deny Donald Trump the nomination and he’s urging other firms to commit their own resources to do the same.

“There is so much animosity and pent up frustration towards Donald Trump from K Street firms,” says Burkman. “If all the firms donated their resources to help convince delegates they are not bound to vote for Trump we can and will succeed. My team and I are all in and ready to do our part.”

Last Friday, Burkman, principal at J.M. Burkman & Associates, attracted hundreds of lobbyists and defense contractors to a $1,000 a person fundraiser held at his home in a D.C. suburb to raise monies needed to pull off a coup.

Now the longtime beltway insider is executing a two-pronged strategy to deny Donald Trump the nomination next week. In addition to lobbying, Burkman is calling on all the anti-Trump factions to pool their resources so they can prevail.

There are at least four “never Trump” groups with relatively similar goals, but each is unaffiliated.

“We must be a united front. We need to work together or we won’t succeed,” says Burkman. “It’s not about who gets the credit. It’s about getting the job done.”

After decades of influencing members of Congress on Capitol Hill, Burkman says he is very confident that he can convince delegates into voting for someone other than Trump to deny Trump the necessary delegates.

“In 2014, our firm was named the #1 lobbying firm in D.C. by The Hill, I have no doubt in my mind that if we apply our talents and lobby delegates we can get enough of them to dump Trump” Burkman says.

Ironically enough, Burkman previously considered supporting Donald Trump and even planned on holding him a fundraiser. However, the Trump campaign treated him poorly and wrote up a cease and desist letter in order to prevent the fundraiser from occurring. After that Burkman said he was completely against the real estate mogul.

“Although I originally was a Jeb Bush supporter, I wanted to be a good Republican and back the eventual nominee,” Burkman says. “However, after my experience with Donald Trump and his campaign I realized that this man is a total control freak and completely unfit to lead the party and the nation.”

Burkman has been a Republican for nearly forty years and attended almost every single G.O.P. nomination since 1976. He says this will be the first nomination that he finds the presumptive nominee completely unacceptable.

“The stakes are incredibly high and we must work to ensure that Donald Trump does not become the Republican nominee. I believe that this two-part plan that our movement has put together will be very successful,” Burkman says. “Without a doubt Trump and his cronies are in for a big surprise next week in Cleveland.”


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