‘Daddyhood’ talks to Mike Huckabee on the media’s current love affair with fatherhood

Online now, Mike Huckabee opines on the extraordinary attention dads are getting this year from mainstream media and on the web.
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(PR NewsChannel) / June 13, 2014 / NEW YORK 

Mike Huckabee on Daddyhood

Live now on Daddyhood (www.daddyhood.net), the new online magazine for dads, an interview with Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, candidate for president in 2008 (and potentially again in 2016), husband to wife Janet and dad of three–John Mark, David and Sarah–where he talks fatherhood and opens up about the media’s current love affair with daddyhood.

In the weeks and days leading up to Father’s Day, dads are the extraordinary focus of TV shows, books, policy, scientific studies and polling–more this year than any other year in the past.

Does Mike Huckabee think it’s going to last?

“It’s noteworthy that there are these acknowledgements,” Mike Huckabee tells Daddyhood in the article. “I hope it’s sincere and more permanent and not something that they’re going run out of topics to put on the cover. It’s important to explain as a culture the value of fathers.”

In the interview with Daddyhood, Mike Huckabee talks about how dads today compare to those a generation ago and why fathers are just as critical as mothers as role-models.

The very outspoken Mike Huckabee also has a few things to say about dads who only choose to spend “quality time” with their kids.

To read the article on Mike Huckabee, please visit Daddyhood: http://daddyhood.net/2014/06/12/mike-huckabee-on-the-medias-current-love-affair-with-fatherhood.

For more on Daddyhood, please visit www.daddyhood.net.

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