Capitol Commission announces settlement with Capitol Ministries

(PR NewsChannel) / April 16, 2014 / RALEIGH, N.C.  

Capitol CommissionCapitol Commission is pleased to announce the resolution of an ongoing legal dispute with Capitol Ministries. That dispute began due to Capitol Ministries using Capitol Commission’s name in a confusing manner and refusing to stop doing so. When the ministries were unable to reach an out-of-court resolution, Capitol Commission was forced to ask a federal court to enjoin Capitol Ministries’ behavior to prevent confusion. In response, Capitol Ministries brought a number of claims against Capitol Commission and two Capitol Commission employees.

In October 2013, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina found in favor of Capitol Commission and against Capitol Ministries on all claims. The Court found Capitol Ministries infringed Capitol Commission’s trademark and enjoined Capitol Ministries from using “Capitol Commission.” The Court also found Capitol Ministries engaged in cybersquatting and enjoined Capitol Ministries from using any URL that included Capitol Commission’s name or a name confusingly similar to Capitol Commission. Capitol Ministries was ordered to transfer eight domains to Capitol Commission. Although the Court found that Capitol Ministries’ actions were intentional, it declined to award attorneys’ fees to Capitol Commission. The Court also examined Capitol Ministries’ claims against Capitol Commission. The Court found in favor of Capitol Commission on all Capitol Ministries’ claims, to include ruling that Capitol Commission did not infringe Capitol Ministries’ trademarks. The Court also found in favor of the individual Capitol Commission employees who Capitol Ministries also sued.

In February of this year, the ministries reached an out of court settlement with regard to their appeals. The Court’s permanent injunction against Capitol Ministries remains in effect. Capitol Commission is pleased to continue to concentrate on its ministry of sharing the gospel with those serving in legislative communities in the nations of the world without concerns of confusion arising from another ministry using its name.

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