TightWipes debuts as easy-to-use hand wipe for sneakerheads to keep footwear, belongings clean

The quick, new, easy way to keep footwear and belongings clean has some serious “street cred” to match
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(PR NewsChannel) / February 19, 2014 / STATEN ISLAND, New York 

tightwipesWhether you are a big sneaker head who boasts a vast collection of expensive kicks or a fashion-conscious consumer who wants to glisten his favorite casual shoes, keeping sneakers clean has always been a significant challenge… until now.

TightWipes was created by a sneaker collector who was sick of the hassle of keeping his kicks looking new and clean. With this in mind, he hired one of the best chemical engineers in the business to help develop a patent-pending formula that is biodegradable and non-toxic. TightWipes is a pre-moistened, luxury, hand wipe that cleans and revitalizes dirty sneakers, shoes, boots and handbags, among other items.

Shoes, heals and sneakers are valuable and beloved possessions, so why risk cleaning them with bleach wipes or other kinds of chemicals that are not intended for footwear? 

TightWipes are bleach free, so they are safe for hands. There is no need to ruin mom’s kitchen towels to remove dirt, dust, stains and grime because TightWipes performs that job without the mess or the hassle.

Considering the history and evolution of sneakers, the “Tight” in TightWipes aptly pays homage to the streets. Tight is an expression for looking good. For example, “that girl looks tight or that car is tight.” Sneakerheads understand the concept based on the product’s name alone.

A prevalent part of American pop culture, sneakers arrived on the nation’s scene in 1917 with the introduction of Keds. A few years later, American footwear manufacturer Marquis Converse developed canvas trainers specifically for basketball players, coined Converse All-Stars. The “high-top” shoes offered support to player’s ankles including Chuck Taylor, who became one of the first sports brand ambassadors when he endorsed them.

In subsequent decades, the popularity of sneakers as fashion statements escalated. James Dean’s character from 1955′s Rebel without a Cause transformed sneakers from functional to fashionable and they started to appear on the feet of adolescents around the globe.

As early as the 1970s, sneakers became fashionable among hip-hop’s burgeoning community. In 1985, sneaker sales received a tremendous boost when Michael Jordan wore Nike’s red and black high-top sneakers during his rookie season with the basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. The “Air Jordans” gained so much popularity that it’s attributed to launching the subculture of sneaker collecting.

Today, sneakers are extremely fashionable in the sports and entertainment communities and amongst people with all types of fashion tastes. They are not solely for playing basketball, running or even matching with jeans and a t-shirt. Stars wear them on the red carpet with tuxedos. Sneakers are now considered an essential part of most American wardrobes and all of these people need a quick and easy way to keep their footwear clean.

It’s said that you can tell a lot about a person by his or her shoes. That impression is likely to be better if your shoes are sparkling and not caked in dirt or grime. TightWipes allows people to keep their shoes looking fashionable and new with a simple, user-friendly method that is healthy for the hands and the environment.

For more information, please visit www.tightwipes.com.

Jeff Louderback
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